Social media sites are constantly evolving and broadening. It makes it easy to have a presence online. If you have an account on regular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, what about healthcare-oriented social networking platforms? Doctors and healthcare professionals need to connect with their peers and colleagues to deal with complex health concerns. The social networks that are specifically developed for doctors and healthcare practitioners can provide better opportunities for collaboration.

Believe it not; social media platforms are like a double-edged sword for different healthcare experts like doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. These platforms play an essential role in connecting with existing and potential patients, seeking professional advice, and finding collaboration opportunities.

In essential words, healthcare-oriented social networking platforms are specially intended for healthcare experts to facilitate services and share advice, information, and much more.

If you search for the best social media platform for healthcare experts, this blog can help you. Here is a list of doctor-centric social media platforms for healthcare service providers. All sites have been listed below:

Social Media Platforms for Healthcare Experts

1. Sermo

Sermo is the most famous site for healthcare experts on the internet today. According to Sermo’s policy, only licensed healthcare experts can register online. So, this platform connects credentialed and verified physicians from New Zealand, Australia, Norway, France, Guatemala, the Netherlands, Colombia, Ireland, Mexico, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, US, Canada, Argentina, Venezuela, Israel, Sweden, South Africa, ChilePeru, Italy, Spain, Ecuador, and the UK.

Sermo allows healthcare experts from these places to discuss patients’ health-related problems. This platform facilitates real-life medical QA sessions. At present, Sermo has over half a million active users.

Social Networking Platform for Healthcare experts

2. Doximity

Doximity is another famous site that targets US-based healthcare experts. More than a half-million US healthcare specialists are active on this site. Doximity is more like LinkedIn and Facebook, where healthcare practitioners can stay connected with known colleagues, co-residents, and classmates. This online platform allows establishing an online connection with employees and colleagues at leading hospitals. It offers a simple way to reach patients face to face. By reading online medical journals and doing HIPAA-secure faxing,healthcare experts can earn category 1 CME credits.

 Online Platform for Healthcare Experts

3. QuantiaMD

This is a leading online site where the observation, collaboration of suggestions, and information happens over smartphones, tablets, and laptops. More than 200,000 healthcare professionals are utilizing this platform to communicate through different devices.

Online Platform for Health Professionals

QuantiaMD showcases thousands of brief lectures. This site allows healthcare experts to conduct question and answer sessions. Accessibility of QuantiaMD on various devices enables healthcare experts to share and gain essential knowledge during their coffee break and work. This site features interactive presentations, short multimedia on different medical practice management and clinical topics.

4. OrthoMind

OrthoMind is specially designed for orthopedic surgeons. This site offers private collaboration and rapid sharing of information.

OrthoMind is the best online platform with various resources and tools to focus on enhanced patient care. Only registered orthopedic surgeons can access this site. It features a forum and an online surgeon lounge where various cases are discussed. OrthoMind allows its users to review different medical products and techniques. It includes cloud-based technology, enabling users to access the information from anywhere, any device in real-time.

5. Figure 1

Figure 1 is a social networking site that targets medical students and healthcare experts in more than 90 countries.

Social Networking Platform for medical students

Figure 1 allows healthcare experts to share images of ailments like X-ray images and talk to their colleagues regarding the issues. This platform enables doctors to connect with other doctors and gain more information about rare diseases. It provides excellent assistance to healthcare professionals dealing with patients in remote locations.

6. Doctorshangout

Doctorshangout is a social networking service for doctors, residents, and medical students to build relationships with like-minded people. Doctorshangout allows its users to join different groups based on their interests. It can help healthcare experts maintain existing professional and personal relationships and make new ones by reaching out to other healthcare experts worldwide.

Social Networking Platform for Healthcare Professionals

In this online platform, healthcare professionals can share their medical knowledge and medical cases. Doctorshangout allows doctors to access different online journals.

7. Incision Academy

Incision Academy is more of a learning platform than a social networking place. This platform is helpful and vital for surgeons to share their surgical expertise. Incision Academy offers surgical knowledge and information regarding surgical skills that will enhance the quality of surgical care. It provides the opportunity to improve surgical care through the learning process.

Incision Academy - Social Media and Learning Platform for Healthcare

This online platform includes more than 500 high-quality 3D videos and a step-by-step guide for different surgical processes. Incision Academy is an anywhere, anyplace academy that can be accessed from every device for study purposes. Here you can also find post and pre-operative tips, information, hazards, and tricks. Incision Academy offers a customized learning program to enhance surgical education.

8. Among Doctors

Among doctors is a perfect platform for healthcare experts. It is a social network with international job postings and discussion boards. Doctors can use this platform to exchange information and ideas. It also helps to create and collaborate with a private group of trusted healthcare experts. Among Doctors includes medical education courses, articles, and treatment guidelines.

9. Osmosis

Osmosis allows its uses to connect with different healthcare experts through a trusted and secure platform. On this online platform, healthcare professionals can share clinical advice as well as health-related information. They can collaborate with their colleagues and discuss specialty-specific news. The positive point of this site is that it only includes verified healthcare experts. So here, you can find a network of US-licensed physicians.

10. Student Doctors Network

This social media platform is a knowledge bank for medical students. Student Doctor Network encourages and supports students and practicing doctors across Canada and The UK. Many medical students join this online platform as undergraduates.

Social Platform for Student and Doctors

Here, the Student Doctors Network offers an opportunity to share knowledge and information with others and interact with the doctor community. It helps medical students to save time and learn more.

11. WeMedUp

WeMedUp is an online community that offers world-class collaboration for healthcare experts. The main goal of this online platform is to assist healthcare professionals in getting together online and connecting with like-minded experts. It is perfect for medical and dental students, dentists, physicians, administrators & staff at medical and dental institutions, as well as allied health professionals. On this platform, healthcare experts can share industry research and discuss the case studies of patients.

Doctors, healthcare professionals, and surgeons should have an effective presence on multiple social media platforms to engage their existing patients and the prospective ones also. Every healthcare digital marketing campaign should have adequately defined plans for increased brand awareness.

Online Community for Healthcare Professionals

It also allows users to interact with colleagues in a private environment, apply for a job opening and participate in online polls. WeMedUp enables users to locate and join medical events.

12. DailyRound

DailyRound is a social media platform that connects medical interns, students, residents, and doctors from across the globe. This platform offers discussion boards and forums where medical students and experts can discuss issues. DailyRound is unique as it allows self-education among healthcare professionals.

13. AllNurses

This social networking platform is for nursing students and nurses. AllNurses offer online blogs, forums, job listings, and more. It is a highly secure and password-protected site. Only registered nurses and students can access its features.

 AllNurses - Social Networking Platform

Here, users can find job boards, advice from colleagues, FAQ sections, blogs, and information about the latest technology related to the health care sector.

14. Social Media Health Network

Social Media Health Network was developed by Mayo Clinic. The objective of this site is to promote global health by offering medical knowledge and information to patients, medical students, and healthcare service providers. The premium users of Social Media Health Network can access member online directories, webinars, discounts on conferences and events, and more.

15. NurseZone

This social media site is equipped with all the social networking tools and features a nursing student and nursing professional may connect with others. NurseZone offers insight into the nursing profession. Its users can discuss the practices of nursing, explore their career path and learn about advanced nursing techniques.

16. NurseTogether

The aim of NurseTogether is to empower nursing professionals by creating a nursing community. This platform allows nurses to exchange opinions about trending topics and participate in an active forum. Many nurses utilize this platform for educational opportunities and career development.

Nurse Together - Social Media Platform for Healthcare

17. CardiologyNetwork

This social networking platform is designed for physicians, medical students, and other healthcare experts interested in making a career in the cardiology field. This platform allows medical students to connect with different cardiologists and gain knowledge related to cardiology.

18. Sharepractice

Sharepractice allows healthcare experts to ask questions and get instant answers from other verified healthcare professionals. This platform provides healthcare experts to comment on thousands of supplements, drugs, and illnesses.

Final words

Many healthcare experts lead a busy life where they don’t have time to connect with their colleagues and discuss something new. These healthcare-oriented social networking platforms offer options to share knowledge and information with other healthcare professionals and medical students. Social media platforms are an interesting and time-saving way to enhance medical skills and patient care.

If you are in the healthcare sector, you can use these sites to learn more and gain more. Let us know in our comment section which social media platforms you will choose and what would be the reason for it.