5 Marketing Tips To Grow Your Medical Practice For 2022 & Beyond

It can be a challenging task to develop a comprehensive marketing plan for your medical practice. With the availability of many advertising and marketing channels to consider, many people may find it very difficult to get started with it.

Marketing Tips To Grow Your Medical Practice

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If you wish to grow your medical practice for 2022 and beyond, then there are specific goals that you need to accomplish. The first and the most important is to build a solid foundation.

After that, you will have to work towards gaining visibility on the 1st page of Google. It should be followed by building brand awareness and re-engaging your audience.

“By successfully working on these aspects, you can grow your medical practice in your local market”.

In the below-mentioned section, you will come across some of the most influential healthcare digital marketing tips that will aid in the growth of your medical practice for 2022 and beyond.

All that you need is to consider these tips to achieve the best outcomes for your healthcare business.

Read on this article to understand this well.

Tip 1: Creating An Online Foundation

A solid foundation is essential to make any endeavor successful. Similar to the physical locations of your healthcare practice, your online marketing efforts must have a firm footing from which to grow.

Online Platform to Grow Medical Practice

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Here comes the role of your website. Your healthcare website should be designed to make it very easy for visitors to convert into patients. Also, the setup of the website should help your business to achieve good rankings on Google.

“As a healthcare professional, if you have still not built an online foundation, now is the best time to get started”.

Many of the top-notch healthcare digital marketing agencies are involved in helping professionals build a branded website. It, in turn, effectively promotes a better user experience for their patients.

Tip 2: Claiming And Optimizing Your GMB Or Google My Business Account

Whether starting with your medical practice or marketing your already established one, it becomes essential to focus on GMB listing.

Optimizing Google My Business Listing

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If you are already involved in practice and have not yet claimed your GMB listing, your main goal would be to go ahead with it.

Sign in to your Google account and consider typing in the name of your business along with your state and city name in Google.

There are chances that you will get to see your business listing on the right side of Google. You will come across the “Claim this Listing” option within the listing. So, at this point, you will have to follow the prompts to claim it successfully.

“If you do not find any listing, you can create one by adding your company’s name and address”.

Importance Of Having A Google Business Listing

With a Google Business Listing, you would be able to boost the discoverability of your medical practice by leaps and bounds.

“Your business can show up on Google Maps and in the map section on Page 1 of Google when you provide someone “Google’s” service”.

So, having a claimed business listing tends to have several significant advantages. It is something that can bring your healthcare business in front of the patients who require it.

Want to set up a GMB Listing? We can help

This particular process is straightforward and takes about one to two weeks.

First of all, visit Google Business Listing and then tap on the Sign In option.

Follow all the steps for setting up your business.

Within 7 to 14 days, you will receive a postcard from Google with a code.

Once you receive the code, you will have to revisit your GMB account and verify your business by inputting that code.

Congrats! Your healthcare business is now online.

Tip 3: Developing And Implementing An SEO Strategy

If you want to rank on the 1st page of the Google Organic Search results, this healthcare digital marketing tip will prove to be a boon for you. It is something that will help you to acquire new patients in the present competitive healthcare space.

“As a medical practitioner, one of the keys to attracting new patients to your healthcare setting is implementing a robust SEO strategy”.

Implementing SEO Strategy

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Importance Of Utilizing SEO As Part Of The Patient Acquisition Strategy

  • Each day, around 250,000,000 healthcare-related searches are commenced on Google.
  • Search engines contribute to the generation of 93% of all website traffic.
  • 77% of the potential patients use the search engine before booking an appointment with a healthcare provider or a clinic.

A vast majority of the patients spend their time on search engines to research various treatment options and providers. So, your main goal should be to put your practice on page 1 of Google.

Implementing an effective SEO strategy can be challenging, particularly for those not associated with digital marketing.

If you are also finding similar sorts of difficulties, then you can seek assistance from a professional healthcare digital marketing company. They will effectively guide you throughout the process.

Tip 4: Creating Social Ad Campaigns To Reach The Right Audience

Whenever you are building your marketing plan, branding tactics is something that you should consider. It helps to connect with your targeted group of audience.

You would accomplish this by running brand awareness, lead, and traffic generation campaigns on different social media platforms.

“Social media advertising is considered very effective due to the availability of several targeting options”.

Creating Social Media Campaigns

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In this regard, your first and the most crucial goal should be to know who your IPC or Ideal Patient Profile is.

Based on that, you can start building an audience with a particular purpose in mind. There is a diverse range of targeting options, but you should keep it relevant to your audience.

It would help if you had a clear idea about what you are trying to do.

“Is your main goal to build brand awareness, or do you want to generate calls?”

So, the purpose of your social media campaign will rely totally on your business goal.

Due to the diversifying needs of your patients at different times, most likely, this goal will change throughout the year. Content marketing plays a crucial role in digital marketing services.

You can organically share content on your social media pages. It will help you to reach out to those audiences who already liked your page.

Want to reach out to those who are still not aware of your business but might be interested in your services? In that case, you can try social ads.

Your goal may specifically vary from generating calls, driving traffic or engagement, creating brand awareness, or even in-person visits.

LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook tend to provide excellent targeting options that help accomplish your marketing goals. It involves:

  • Interest Targeting
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Custom Audiences
  • Lookalike Audiences

Tip 5: Email Market To Your Existing Patient List

Re-engaging your patient base is the key to growing your medical practice. Brand building is hugely dependent on repeat customers. They are regarded as one of the most cost-effective ways to boost your sales revenue.

Email Marketing to Patients

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So, to determine marketing ROI, it becomes imperative for you to have a proper understanding of your Customer Lifetime Value.

“Satisfied clients will return to your practice for a wide variety of reasons. But, when they return is not always as straightforward”.

So, it becomes essential to stay top of mind with clients by sending them company newsletters, promotional offers, and invitations to special events. As a result, they will continue to feel valued.

Other than that, it becomes imperative to maintain accurate records. During an in-person visit, you will have to make sure that the information on file remains precise. It will help you to have a complete customer profile for marketing purposes

Why Email Marketing Plays A Very Important Role For Your Existing Patients?

  • Reward Loyalty

    Customer loyalty programs make your existing patients feel valued. It is possible by enabling them to receive promotional offers or discounts not offered to other patients.

  • Helps Establish Your Brand Identity

    Currently, a lot of healthcare practices focus on establishing a specialty. They become known for particular treatments in their area. Email marketing serves as an excellent means to inform and educate your existing clients about your expertise.

  • Collect Data To Build Customer Personas

    All of the patients are not interested in the same services. Additionally, all people are not motivated by the same CTAs. So, it becomes very much essential to identify the types of patients you are servicing.

    You should also identify which offers are attracting them to return to your practice. It serves as a great tool.

    Customer personas help you segment these groups so that your emails focus on their motivations. It is an effective strategy as it helps to provide insights related to opportunities for existing patients to try new products and services.

Wrapping Up

After reading all of the above-enlisted healthcare digital marketing tactics, I hope you can work towards growing your medical practice for 2022 and beyond.

In the comment section, let us know which healthcare digital marketing tips you would like to use first. If you have more suggestions, feel free to add your comments to include something that we may have missed out on.

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