The prime question to ponder upon is Why should one be spending any time on LinkedIn at all? In its initial days, LinkedIn did not prove to be quite significant for very many businesses, but recently the scene has been getting interesting at an exponential rate. There are several entrepreneurs as well as design, and creative professionals hanging out on LinkedIn and sharing a lot of cool insights. It’s not stale, it’s not dry, and it’s not boring if you’re looking up with and connecting with the right people. With their innovative and modern take on hot topics, space has become the breeding ground for knowledge and opportunities. There’s a lot of inspiration, numerous videos, and infinite marketing ideas showing up on your feed and it’s a good place for B2B lead generation, networking, and enhance your business multi-fold.

Presenting 9 Reasons Why Spending More Time On Linkedin Can Be Productive

#1 Your Connections Are Proportional To Your Client

LinkedIn is the biggest social media platform where you can find clients, it is where all the business-minded people prefer to hang out. The forum is specifically designed for people to connect with vendors, network with like-minded businesses, and find ways to grow. Unlike other applications, where you will encounter a lot of competing noise in terms of users besides your target audiences like teenagers or elderly who are just looking to socialize for fun, LinkedIn eliminates the competing noise and grants access to actual entrepreneurs and businessmen.

#2 Inmail And Direct Communications

You can access your prospective clients’ email addresses and can connect with them directly. You can reach out through InMail by paying a moderate amount to message them or send a message directly if they are connected to you. An additional tip that is often unknown to several users is that the ‘about’ or ‘contacts’ section of your connections on LinkedIn displays their email address, which could be useful if you wish to connect outside the platform.

#3 Linkedin Is Professionalism Personified

When logging in, most people switch their business mindset on. This says a lot about the platform which unlike Twitter or Instagram is used to connect and share about one’s professional life. LinkedIn has over 400 million members and 59% of those aren’t on Twitter, which explains how significantly LinkedIn is used universally for business networking. Looking for prospective business partners can be a big deal in and of itself. LinkedIn offers an advantage of being able to shortlist and check out interesting business personalities who might be eager to work with your venture. The warm and welcoming environment opens up a new horizon of possibilities if you’re looking for new partners, clients, or service providers.

#4 Find Business Solutions In Minutes

As mentioned above, people turn to LinkedIn to expand their network. It is extremely convenient to look for vendors or any such solutions within the forum and you are assured to find a plethora of authentic options within minutes. You can filter categorically to meet people listed with reputed organizations or with substantial experience that demonstrates their skills. When you reach out to a contact on LinkedIn they know you mean business which helps you foray into the vast network with some direction.

You are in great company on LinkedIn as you can find out the trial and error methods implemented by people in your industry and have an idea of what practices are failsafe and which ones can be risky to bet upon.

#5 Unhinged Creativity Of Expression

It is observed that an increasing amount of designers, creative professionals, entrepreneurs, and marketers are showing up on LinkedIn. They’re using it to share and promote their work, discuss their work ethics, what they read and what they watch online so there’s a whole lot of useful content that’s being shared on LinkedIn. Trust me when I say that it can be considered almost sinful to miss out on such insightful material. You can find several posts that are specific to our industry that enlightens us about the thought process of the clientele. It is also a great space if you are looking for some inspiration. People are posting design, marketing and innovation articles, PDFs, infographics, and videos which can be of great help.

#6 A Mutual Learning Forum

LinkedIn has been very educational and knowledge-oriented since its conception. They own which is one of the best video-based online learning platforms out there. Apart from that LinkedIn has an inhouse learning medium as well which is extremely robust in design. They’re slowly and steadily integrating a lot of the content from Lynda into LinkedIn so if you’re looking for a learning platform, LinkedIn can be your best choice right now.

#7 Excellent Search Algorithm

The content section of LinkedIn can be searched by topic. The results of the keyword search are always on-point and specific. For example, let’s say that you search ‘video marketing’, you will obtain all the relevant results without any absurd distractions. This has been one of the major showstoppers for LinkedIn as achieving such specific algorithmic answers makes the users extremely happy and they can’t help but come back for more. This gives a slightly higher potential for your content to be discovered by a genuinely interested user and vice-versa.

#8 The Go-to Arena For Job-hunting

Whether you are a newcomer into your field or an age-old employee who is looking for growth or simply a change, LinkedIn has the best options for new jobs that you can apply for. The application presents a plethora of options that you can match with your skill set and reach out to the company directly through the platform. It even has this uber-cool feature of notifying you through email whenever there are new vacancies for the profile that you’re looking for in whichever location you desire.

#9 Best Place For B2b Advertising

LinkedIn is well-known for being the best place to conduct B2B advertising. Sure, Facebook has some great targeting capabilities but it is often clouded by a lot of surrounding noise with people looking to indulge in non-professional matters. LinkedIn gives direct access to your target audience who are also reciprocating adequately which makes the B2B advertising campaigns that are conducted here extremely fruitful.

In Conclusion, Join The Linkedin Bandwagon For Some Insightful Data

LinkedIn is definitely the platform to visit if you wish to enhance your productivity. You can follow recruiters, influencers, agencies, and companies. It’s the best way to keep yourself professionally updated and also catch up on the latest happenings in your industry. Your work can get you on the radar of some great-minded people and help you grow your business. Maintaining an authentic business profile on LinkedIn can do wonders for your establishment and provide countless opportunities for the future.