Dear Technology,

Greeting from a Millennial !

I hope this letter finds you up and running as always. It has come to my notice that we’ve been taking your assistance in almost every chore that we perform and we haven’t shown you enough gratitude for being such a great friend. I believe our sense of ungratefulness stems from your efficiency in solving our problems. You do it with such ease that we’ve almost accepted that it is your quotidian task.

Mea Culpa. I think words might fall short if we begin to elucidate how you’ve transformed our lives. You’ve had a prodigious legacy and humankind works, perpetually, to uphold that legacy and take it forward with great enthusiasm. It is a sad truth that not all of your shades get their share of the limelight. We shall list down some of your unusual legacies that the world is unaware of and would be surprised to know about them.

Zeno by NASA

It is astounding how the world doesn’t know about this creation that stems from you, tech. This handheld device is an initiative by NASA that fights nasty acne that stays with you through your teenage and then some more. NASA, in partnership with Tyrell Inc., has released a device, Zeno, that works on the nasty acne by using heat as an acne bacteria terminator. It falls in the health care genre and has proven to clear acne without any fuss.


With the sole aim of breaking the price barrier between ones’ passion for science and their curiosity, Foldscope has come up with a foldable paper microscope that fits right into your stationery pack or the pocket of your jeans. They captured on the need for sturdier microscopes while traveling around the world. This product is majorly for the education sector since a lot of schools and colleges are devoid of funds to buy microscopes.

Sonic Fire Extinguisher

As the name suggests, a sonic fire extinguisher puts out the fire with the help of sound waves instead of using water or carbon dioxide. Two students from George Mason University, Seth Robertson and Viet Tran, came up with the brilliant idea of destroying fires with a heavy sound base.

Come to think of it, tech, we’ve been experimenting with you substantially enough. Sadly, not every millennial is as passionate as the other.

Amazon Go Store

The amazon-go store is a revolutionary step taken by Amazon to ease grocery shopping and completely change one’s outlook about long checkout lines. It uses computer vision, deep learning algorithms, and sensor fusion as a part of its legendary shopping experience. We believe it truly does hold the potential of changing the face of grocery shopping.

Luminous Roads

The purpose of these roads is to minimize the usage of electricity and promote sustainable development. A bicycle lane in Netherland has adopted this way of saving power by using phosphorescent cement as the main material in paving such pathways. The only disadvantage of such structures is that there are certain prohibitions on the usage of the material phosphorescent. Luminous Roads may be the game-changer that the economy is not capitalizing on, yet.

The Fliz – Foot Powered Bike

As the name suggests, The Fliz is a foot-powered bike that aims at bringing back the concept of using your legs for moving from point A to point B. The engineering of this bike is very simple, even to look at; it consists of two strategically placed wheels, a handle to steer through the way and a harness that supports your upper body.

I hope that this letter does its part in highlighting the less famous but equally efficient parts of you, tech. You’ve been very patient with us and have allowed us to mold you in any form that we’ve wished. At this eleventh hour, we believe that sustainable development is the need of the hour and, hence, we’re all hellbent on creating sustainable products that won’t deplete the earth.

Hoping for a sustainable reply from your end.

Enamored by your ways.

Yours truly,
A worried Millennial.