Qatar has seen a radical transformation in all walks of life in the past decade, especially in the IT industry. The tremendous surge in IT development has opened many doors for the industry giants to bring about a revolution in their businesses by implementing IT solutions to transcend their businesses to the next level. With all major industry businesses undertaking transformative measures to efficiently manage the crowd and amp-up business operations at the time when the country is going to host FIFA World Cup 2022. The idea of businesses across Qatar is to automate their operations and in doing so, the businesses intend to garner more business over the coming years. Various industries starting from transportation, logistics, healthcare, banking and finance, oil and natural gas to hospitality, real estate, construction businesses, and governance. All these industry verticals are in a constant surge to adopt automotive digital transformation solutions and are seeking for effective IT consulting services to cater to their bespoke business requisites. With the world that is going to eye Qatar for the FIFA World cup 2022, industries in Qatar are actively seeking the help of experienced IT consulting firms

  • Bring about a radical change in their business
  • Automate the business processes 
  • Garner more business when Qatar is expected to host 5.6 billion tourists annually by 2022.

Small & Medium-Sized Businesses (SMEs) To Adopt Transformative Digital Technologies

With the Qatar government ready to spend some close to USD 900 million in the smart technology for businesses of every scale which are eyeing the digital transformation, these businesses can leverage income on the potential of various IT services and solutions like

  • IT Consulting
  • IoT 
  • Cybersecurity
  • Big data analytics
  • Custom software like ERP, CRM development and maintenance
  • Mobile Apps development for businesses of various industry verticals
  • Artificial Intelligence

With the FIFA World Cup 2022, just around the corner, this is the right time for businesses to invest in radically significant technologies like AR/VR to improve and augment the experience of the sports and entertainment sector. To host the fans and crowd of the World Cup 2022, this technology foresees the potential of catering to numerous businesses to varying scale to implement the augmented and virtual reality technologies.

With the IT technology sector in Qatar that is expected to grow by 36% by 2022, small businesses needing consulting services are seeing a steep rise in the recent past. With the increase in the consumption of digital content in the form of text, audio and video sharing and streaming projects are envisioned to take a center stage in the near future.  IT consulting services analyze the current market scenario in the digital consumption of the users and suggest the best possible solutions to small, medium and enterprise-level businesses to fill in the gap between what solutions the customers are being provided and the digital solutions that would make the customer experience smooth and flawless. 

The 93% internet and 95% of mobile penetration rates in Qatar have led to a sharp rise in the e-commerce business fostering small, medium and enterprise-level organizations to establish custom e-commerce stores for their businesses. Curating a business-centric e-commerce store with all its efficient e-commerce functionality has led customers and businesses to adopt e-payment gateways making the business operations faster, smoother, and more efficient. Treading to invest in inventive e-commerce technologies like Magento, Prestashop, Woo-commerce, Shopify, and many more have fostered businesses to invest in the types of technologies that best suit their business needs. With the experience at hand, IT consulting firms are in a position to suggest the best suitable technological solutions after carefully studying businesses and their operations. 

What SMEs require to take advantage of the technological solutions at hand are the custom mobile and wen app designing and development. This is one transformative aspect where the IT consulting services can be extensively leveraged to discern the business needs and adopt custom mobile and/or web application solutions to make business operations facile. By automating the intr and intra business processes, the organizations can aim for higher profitability and address specific aspects of their operations through a customized solution. Mobile and web applications aides numerous organizations to bring their businesses on the go and fingertips. 

With businesses going digital, it has become imperative to manage the inter and intra operations through an effective enterprise resource planning (ERP) system development. The IT consulting services acutely study business and its pre-defined requirement to best suggest custom ERM and CRM solutions that are unique to each business. A centralized database that embeds all the business operations into a single system, a custom ERP solution is the need of every business to reap a greater return on investment and to stream-line each operational process and have greater transparency across various departments of an organization. ERP and CRM consulting services for small businesses also lets the organizations have greater control over their operations. 

Qatar is witnessing a steep rise in the enterprise-level businesses that seek to process their business data to draw greater insights into their businesses. IT consulting firms help to identify these business processes that extensively require data processing, also called business intelligence processes. There is a huge potential to implement the data science algorithms to a large chunk of data and draw operational insights based on the bi data analytics summary. This effectively helps to determine the patterns and relationships between various entities of the business.

How Can Enterprise-Level Businesses Benefit From Adopting Smart Tech Solutions?

Businesses of varying scales require IT solutions that cater to specific aspects of their industry. With the ever-expanding length and breadth of the potential of technological solutions, various industry verticals are adopting the ground-breaking technologies into their every-day business. Cloud computing is one such aspect where IT consulting firms help businesses to leverage the potential of cloud computing and furnish software as a service or platform as a service solution, making the web application development easy, manageable and comprehensively serving the business requirement.  

With the technology taking a center stage for all the major businesses across industry verticals, cybersecurity becomes a major concern for all the businesses going digital. IT consulting firms take in their stride to identify and suggest the best possible solution to protect digital solutions of businesses from any potential security breach or threats. IT consulting services identify the systems, networks, databases, and devices that need protection from any potential cyber threat. This is exclusively to combat the exponential rise in the cyber threats that the businesses adopting smarter tech solutions face. 

Artificial Intelligence is another technological aspect that is witnessing stupendous growth in digital solutions esp with the advent of FIFA World Cup 2022. With the business system automation at its peak, artificial intelligence is set to feed business intelligence solutions with human-like data to the algorithms to render systems with human intelligence. With the AI market growth that is expected to reach 40% year on year growth, IT consulting services foresees to provide the AI services to the major three industries that need this service currently i.e construction, energy, and public sector. Another potential industry sector that can leverage the use of Artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector that would automate various medical and paramedical practices, thus eliminating any human discrepancies in the procedures. 

With ever-developing and an ever-expanding technological scope for any industry, blockchain is one more technological solution which, implemented effectively, changes the way an organization maintains records. The blockchain market in Qatar is projected to grow sharply by 120% by 2022, IT consulting firms project the top three industries that would greatly benefit from adopting the blockchain technology. These industry verticals are, banking and financial services, healthcare and hospitality, and logistics.

How Is IT Consulting Aiding Various Industry Verticals?

IT consulting is sacrosanct to all businesses who chose to transform their businesses through competitive IT solutions. IT consulting has proven to be an extremely cost-effective solution in the long run that helps businesses to assess the pain-points of the operations and suggest ways to overcome them. Its consulting services can be greatly leveraged for businesses like

  • B2B and B2C E-commerce solutions 
  • Digital payments and wallets
  • On-demand services
  • Sports
  • Healthcare and hospitality 
  • Steel, oil and natural gas
  • Logistics
  • Public sector government projects

Towards A Progressive Way Forward

There lies a huge potential for the organizations to tap from adopting the competitive technological solutions and taking the aid of IT consulting services to help and identify the potential aspects of the organizations that need a technological revamp. It is through automated digital solutions that organizations gain control of their business operations, bring about greater transparency and increase the return on investment for their businesses. To host the tourists and visitors for the FIFA World Cup 2022, businesses in Qatar have a long-standing opportunity to invest in the disruptive digital transformation of their businesses and the process, garner a loyal customer base. Now, is the time to start investing in the proliferate digital investment opportunities for businesses in Qatar.