Content writing has become very important as far as web marketing is concerned. Eventually, the standard of content is improving day-by-day with its versatility and competitiveness. With this, several content marketers and firms are emerging in the market
attracting the audience with their writing skills, social media skills, video production skills and project management skills. This means that you are in a constant need to improve the quality of your content to survive the competition. This is because
now a majority of the audience is interested in reading good content over the web when they look for something that is similar to your content.

Improve Content Marketing With Awe-Inspiring Content Marketing Tools

Now, there are several tools available on the market that help you with optimizing your content for better marketing. These tools polish your content when you are ready to publish
it. They not only help you with improving your content, but they also provide you with different options for a particular sentence of your content so that you can correct it if needed. This eventually will take the quality of your content to another level,
which will further improve your content marketing. Here, we have discussed a few content marketing tools that will help you with perking the quality
of your content.

SimilarWeb – Get Insights On Competitors’ Websites

When you are in the race of digital marketing, one of the key requirements is to get information about competitors’ activity.the way your competitors are cashing on their content strategy is advisable to know. It helps you to plan your next moves accurately.
SimilarWeb is the best resource for getting analytics on your competitors’ websites. You can get reliable and accurate information about various aspects such as the traffic the competitor website is attracting every month or the keywords that are helping
them rank better on top search engines

Trello – Perfect For Content Management

Trello is not only a web-based project management and collaboration tool, but you can also use it for your content management. You can create multiple boards project wise and assign resources. It is very easy to track the stage in which your content is.
It also allows you to make checklists, add due dates, insert new cards, label them, and send reminders. For your content marketing, it eases the functions of sharing files (text, images, videos) with your team members and clients. Also, all members invited
to the board can comment on a card to update the rest of the team mates. Top of it, its pricing structure is less complex and also has FREE version.

Google Docs – Write, Edit, Review And Track

Absolutely free and extremely user friendly writing tool is none other than Google Docs. It is a comprehensive suit that allows you to use Spreadsheets, presentations and documents. Depending upon the format of your content, you can choose the one. It
is one of the most favorite content marketing tools among digital marketers and content writers. It allows offline editing. It can be integrated with Grammarly too. You can also format your content with H1, H2 and other tags. So when you have to post
a blog, you just have to copy from Google Docs and paste it in your WordPress backend. It saves a lot of time. Also, it is a collaborative tool. Multiple persons can allow the same doc at the same time and the entire edit history is visible to everyone.
You can even retrieve old versions too!

Hotjar – Remove, Revisit Or Rethink Ignored Content

Interesting enough, but Hotjar, a website heatmaps & behavior analytics tool, can drastically strengthen and boost your content marketing strategy.
It helps you to discover what your browsers want to read, so accordingly, you can tweak and rewrite your existing web content for them. It helps you make your content user-friendly which search engines love the most. In a way, it helps you make appropriate
amendments in your buyer persona too. The behaviour analysis tool will enable you to create more engaging user-centric content, repurpose old and stale content, and in all, better understand your audience.

BuzzSumo – Discover Content Ideas

BuzzSumo believes that there is a huge mine of the content on the internet and web pages, no shortage at all. But, what matters most is to search the relevant content and use it on a timely basis. It is a highly popular content curation tool which is
FREE till limited searches and then offers some advanced features underpaid options. BuzzSumo gets content research to a new level using social search, using filters. In addition, one can check the total number of shares on a particular content resource
and even can identify content by author. BuzzSumo masters the art of filtering out the content that resounds with audiences, the content that is currently trending, and the content about to trend.

ClearVoice – Power Content Creation With Flexibility

This is a complete content marketing ecosystem with great flexibility and efficiency. It has an inbuilt marketplace which helps in branding, and content creation, and brings the publishing groups together at one place. Moreover, it allows the marketplace
creators and top writers to connect with the brands in order to produce quality content. The studio of ClearVoice enables the brands to recognize the influencing factors and their competitors so that they can produce the content which is not only relevant
but also effective.

Outbrain – Boost Advertising Trends

If you are facing problems in the distribution of your content, then Outbrain is the best option for you. It is an easy-going platform that will help you in increasing your audience engagement with your blogs, articles, videos, and infographics. Your
posts will be promoted as suggested posts alongside other articles. Even though it is a payable tool, it will enlarge your audience to a great extent.

Hubspot – Amalgamate Content Marketing With Inbound Marketing

This content marketing tool supports inbound marketing platforms. It consists of various tools to monitor and create effective blog posts, landing pages, and other effective content along with a great consumer support. It also includes effective content-marketing
campaign activities. HubSpot also supports social media analytics and message-scheduling so that you can publish your content smoothly to your social channels.

Co- Schedule Headline Analyzer – Craft Headlines That Have Best Sentiment

This marketing tool is very simple and it helps you optimize your headline as the name suggests. Moreover, it also gives an overall score to your headline and also bifurcates your word into categories like common words, uncommon words, emotional words,
and power words. It also helps in improving the headline of your blog or article.

Content Ideator – Generate Numerous Ideas And Get Started

It is also known as a Content Forest tool and it is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to produce a number of blog topics and ideas in a short period of time. Once you enter a single keyword or a phrase, it will come up with a big list of ideas out of
which some may be useful and some may not be.

Grammarly – Get Rid Of Uncommon Grammar Errors And Spell Errors

This content tool helps you with the correction part of your content. It shows all the grammatical mistakes of your content once you paste it in this tool. Moreover, it also helps with the correct sentence formation part of your content if you are mistaken
at any of the sentences.

Hemingway Editor – Strengthen And Improve Readability Score

This content marketing tool points out the common issues in your content like complex words or phrases, extra-long sentences, too many adverbs, too many instances of passive voice, and extra-long sentences. Moreover, it also gives an explanation to every
error of your post. The only drawback of this tool is that it won’t give any suggestions or solutions to your mistakes.

Canva – Create Visual Content And Access Graphics Library

This is the best content marketing tool that helps you with your image creation. It consists of ready-to-use templates, custom image sizes for every social media channel, drag-and-drop interface, cool fonts, and a lot more. The images made in Canva are
completely original and unique that you see on the web.

Pocket – Save And Curate Content From Everywhere

This content marketing tool is helpful in the content curation which includes the finding, arrangement, and sharing of the most relevant digital content that is high in quality. Pocket preserves all of your images, articles, and videos at one place for
reference. You can categorize your articles and posts into groups by tagging them which will make it easy for you to search for a particular post or content through the inbuilt search functionality. In other words, it helps you bookmark your blogs, articles,
and posts.

Over To You – Which Content Marketing Tool(s) Will You Adopt Now?

With the growing competition of quality content, it has become necessary that you publish your posts with accuracy and efficiency. There are lots of content marketing tools available on the web that will help you optimize your content and make it perfect
to be published on the social channels. But, this list is by far the best that will help you satisfy your content marketing needs in 2021 and beyond.