A Business Intelligence Dashboard encourages organizations, clients, to settle on the correct choices by envisioning complex informational indexes in a solitary view. BI Dashboard is a sort of data measurement tool that is utilized to follow KPIs, Metrics, and other key information focus for any association, office, or individual procedure. A well-designed data dashboard provides various aspects of business performance and actionable insight that help to make the right decision by visualizing critical data in a single window. Before getting inside and out about Business Intelligence Dashboard, let’s know what BI exactly is.

What Is Business Intelligence? How Can Business Intelligence Dashboard Be Utilized?

Business Intelligence can be considered as a set of procedures, techniques, and architectures that helps marketers to convert data into worthy & actionable information that leads to profitable business activities. It is kind of a software suite that tracks data and transforms it into a trade insight and knowledge.

Business Intelligence Dashboard is a technology-based platform that is used to analyze and discover meaningful data and present them in actionable knowledge. The main goal of using BI dashboard is to help any organization and individuals to make informed and practical decisions. It enables companies to gather, analyze, build data reports based on business analytics metrics on a single screen window. Through BI dashboards, companies are allowed to set KPIs and important data benchmarks to complete the data visualization process.

Benefits Of Business Intelligence Dashboards

Business Intelligence Dashboards are reliable tools that allow organizations to monitor their real-time performance and provide them with accurate information through an effective data visualization process. It is an easy-to-understand data analytics platform that contains many benefits for making accurate and effective business decisions, these benefits are:

1. Accurate Decision Making

The biggest advantage of using a BI dashboard is that it allows organizations to make accurate and the right decision by providing them complete and correct information in a summarized and precise manner. It becomes easier for companies to review that information and use all data in the right place as per requirement. This tool not only makes data easier to understand but also it makes them faster and easier & precise to analyze by the users.

2. Timesaving Tool

BI Dashboards are designed to save the additional time of users by giving them facilities of optimizing, analyzing and getting things done through one single screen window. It allows firms to collect data from different sources and optimize those data at one single window. Companies can easily save their time in aggregating data from multiple platforms and setting relevant KPIs to get over expected results. It has replaced the manual data compiling techniques with online data visualization procedure, now users can easily optimize required data with this automated dashboard to decrease the chances of human error.

3. Accurate KPIs Settings

BI dashboard is beneficial in use due to its automated data visualization features that help users to collect large data and summarize them in a summarized manner. It becomes easier for companies to set KPIs and access all information easily to create actionable insights. These KPIs CTR, Conversion rate, Customers Acquisition Cost, etc. Through BI dashboard, companies can easily measure their business performance and analyze competitiveness in the market.

4. Real-Time Customer Analytics

Through the BI dashboard, users are capable enough to figure out reliable metrics and factors that effectively influence their business decisions. Businesses have a better chance to know their customers’ behavior, purchasing preferences, customer retention rate, and cost-revenue relationships. BU allows companies to concentrate on retaining existing customers and increasing potential marketing opportunities and benefits.

Most Popular BI Dashboards For Digital Marketing Agencies

BI dashboards provide a compelling opportunity to make businesses more productive, which in turn improves the ROI of the business. There are many BI marketing tools available in the market that can help small businesses to large marketing agencies to set their KPIs and measure business performance effectively. These Dashboards help to track each marketing activity that is essential to build brand awareness and higher revenue generation.

1. Digital Marketing Campaign Traffic Dashboard

This is considered as a strategic dashboard that marks Campaign Performance KPIs for the Digital Marketing department. It is suitable for the Digital Marketing Executives, and professional managers who review large amounts of data every day and whose aim is to increase the revenue based on business sales growth. The advantage of this dashboard is to identify the key sales metrics to measure and complete the data visualization process. With its features of the live demo of a digital marketing campaign & traffic measurement, decision-makers can easily visualize data and evaluate CTR metrics, ROI (return on investment), conversion to monitoring website trafficking, and estimate cost.

Digital Marketing Campaign-Traffic

2. Search Engine Performance Dashboard

SEO dashboard is specifically used by the DM team to visualize organic site traffic progress paid campaigning strategies etc. Hence, it helps to monitor ranking keyword progress, organic traffic progress, SEO ranking score, and generate marketing performance. It is also specialized to track the organic sessions, conversion rate, click-through rate (CTR), bounce rate, and many performances indicating metrics to analyze track data and transform it into a trade insight and knowledge.

Search Engine Performance Dashboard

3. Social Media Performance Dashboard

Social Media Performance Dashboard helps firms to measure the performance of social media campaigns, it is used to track website visibility and effectiveness. This SMP dashboard is used to accumulate performance from your social media platforms and to keep a record of business and consumer engagements. It can be performed in terms of checking the numbers of likes, comments, subscribers, web traffic on social sites, followers, etc.

Social Media Performance Dashboard

4. Video Channel Performance Dashboard

A Video Channel Performance Dashboard is a necessary tool to track the success and performance of videos uploaded online. This tool allows users to understand the behavior and choices of viewers. You can easily monitor and track the number of views, to optimize the video channel strategy effectively. It also provides you with the data such as total watch time, no of views & subscriber added, traffic sources, demographics, numbers of likes, and comments, etc. to set reliable KPIs to achieve marketing objectives.

Video Channel Performance Dashboard

5. Paid Marketing Performance Dashboard

A Paid Marketing performance dashboard is an online PPC monitoring tool that helps businesses to monitor their performance metrics in real-time and provides necessary KPIs to monitor the activities and processes of paid campaigns. PPC dashboard helps to track the most important KPIs such as clicks, impressions, CTR, Cost, CPC, and many more. Through this dashboard, businesses are allowed to Integrate all paid channels and generate a unique and customized platform to measure the ROI of the campaign

Paid Marketing Performance Dashboard

Business intelligence solution helps in every step of the business. BI Tools and Techniques are popular these days for their advanced features of tracking and monitoring business marketing activities and performance. They allow setting metrics with real-time insights by providing accurate and the right information of necessary KPIs components that are essential for any paid marketing campaigns and procedures.

Taking expert guidance can lead you towards the success path where you will be able to plan, execute, and track your marketing strategies and their impacts. You can follow the aforementioned notes as guidance or for any further assistance, feel free to contact Business Intelligence Consultant in Qatar.