Brite Ideas Decorating set the standard for high quality holiday lighting nearly 20 years ago. The tradition continues today as Brite Ideas Decorating is an industry leader with innovative products and cutting edge holiday lighting ideas.

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The digital marketing of a website comprises of many exigent tasks which demand our indispensable attention to achieve the foreseen results. BriteIdea was no exception to the prevailing thought. One of the foremost impediments that we resolved to address was to increase the loading speed of the website, without which the website was penalized that hampered its Search Engine Result Page (SERP) rankings. The website had many broken links which hampered the crawling and the indexing of the website. Presence of duplicate content on the website, which is the majority of time a largely neglected parameter, hindered its SERP ranking. The BriteIdea website was poorly projected on a multitude of social media platforms which was an obstacle to business and the leads generated from social media platforms. The title tags, meta tags and description was another grey area that called for attention.


Digital marketing of the website has a tremendous potential to tap the niche markets for a business, generate and close leads if the marketing campaign is executed efficiently. We charted out a well thought plan that not only took care of the technicalities of the on page SEO activities but also intently looked in Pay Per Click activities and social media marketing of the website on various platforms.

Beginning with enhancing the loading speed of the website, we ensured to scrutinize the GooglePageSpeed Insights that improved the user experience and maximizing the number of pages indexed. This in turn shot-up the SERP rankings immensely. In addition to numerous on-page &off-page SEO activities and PPC activities that we implemented, we accomplished the task of mending the broken links which needed our immediate attention. As a result of which the diversion to the traffic to the other websites was reduced immensely, working our way out through Google Search Console, restoring the website page authority. Nullifying the duplicate content prevented the website from getting penalized and in this way it becomes an additional factor that helped to improve the SERP rankings of the website.

The much undermined power social media marketing was one aspect whose potential we tapped efficiently which resulted in increased lead generation followed by its subsequent closure. We actively effectuated email & content marketing, Video marketing, actively writing blogs for the website along with guest blogging and forum marketing which bore us rewarding results.


The mammoth endeavour that we put in over the span of time bore us results to the extent that within three months’ time, the number of unique visitors to the website increased by 400%. A successful digital marketing campaign is the one where it helps to enhance the organic traffic generated in the website and we were glad to see that number shoot up by 500% within a span of three months. The SERP rankings on all the major search engines were shot up based on the targeted keywords that were extensively used during the PPC campaigns. Redirection of the traffic from a multitude of social media platforms also surged organically. This in turn promoted the closure of the massive leads generated through referral business and active presence on the social media platforms. Traffic to the website generated not only from The United States but from across the world. The responsive design of the website helped to generate the traffic from various resolution devices of desktop, tablets and mobile phones. From 1791 to 6639 visitors for the desktop, 416 visitors to 1496 visitors for tablets and 206 visitors to 3799 visitors for mobile phones. We let the results speak for the consistent efforts that we put in the digital marketing campaigns for our client.

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