TableTalk allows the users to meet new friends, plan a date, and organize business functions for an organization by selecting a restaurant and scheduling the date-time-table at the restaurant. Users can meet as individuals or as a group and choose to accept or deny any invitation to meet.

Work We Are Proud Of

We have overcome the challenges by working on them efficiently and creating a robust app. TableTalk has helped its users plan group dinners and individual dates.

Great restaurants to choose from
Has improved socializing among people
Helped arranging meetings


The app’s ideology was to create a social media app to make restaurant bookings for any social gathering or business meeting. 

  • The app needed to provide an option to the users to search for the closest restaurant with good reviews. We had to list all popular restaurants and their details to the users and display them sorted by reviews and nearest ones when required.
  • We had to integrate a booking module that should display the tables’ exact availability to choose a restaurant and then select the meeting date and time.
  • Apart from that, we had to work on the Alexa skill development that was the crucial part of the project, making it easy for the users to book a table.
  • With all of these features, it was most important that the app function properly and provide a better browsing experience.


We started with the app consulting, understanding the requirements, and suggesting the proper ways for them. The next step included designing the brand identity, building a compelling app using a simplistic design approach yet intuitive with clean and fault-free codding.

  • We have worked on appending different restaurants to select from and plan the meeting as a group reunion or a date.
  • The app lets the users choose a restaurant, select a date, time, and table topic, and then choose from the meeting options such as group, couple, or date.
  • The users have an option to accept or deny some other user’s invitations over a dinner table.
  • We worked on Alexa Skill Development for the app to easily book a table for the meeting.


With our team members’ rigorous efforts and attempts to understand the client’s ethics,  Zealousweb delivered a seamless and efficient application to the clients on a fixed timeline. 

  • We focused on building a social media app that will help the users meet new people, plan business or fun gatherings, and socialize more over dinner or coffee. 
  • Due to our meticulous efforts, the app garnered many users, improved their social life, and made it easy to schedule meetings with great restaurant choices.

We'd love to build something great together.