Running a business and running a “small” business are indeed two different ball games. Being a small business owner, you are tied up with a lot of responsibilities. You have to take care of all business aspects including sales and marketing activities with limited resources. However great you are at digital marketing for small businesses, including SEO and social media marketing, you still need something else than this to satisfy your customers and stay ahead in the race of competition. Businesses can survive only when you satisfy your customers better than your competitors. Did you know, there are various customer service tools available online that make your customers’ lives easier? In the short span, small businesses do not have a wide scope for taking risks to upscale their business. Hence, it becomes imperative to make the most of the resources available and use techniques to retain existing customers. Redressal of problems, Product/Service information, and queries related to order are the most common reasons to receive a call. It is possible that after the 7th call, you may lose your focus from work or the will to work on that day. That’s when you need customer service tools to strengthen digital marketing for small businesses.

Customer service tools to strengthen digital marketing for small businesses

Here are two pocket-friendly customer service tools that will improve this problem without having to shell out too much.

1) The automated Hello! – CallJoy

As a small business, employing human resources for answering customer calls and bringing in further orders may not be very pocket-friendly. Google has capitalized on this problem and created an automated customer service tool called CallJoy. Google understands that high call volume may overwhelm any small business. As a result of such strong emotions, some calls may go unattended. This could result in the loss of prospective or existing customers. CallJoy’s quick setup enables you to possess a dedicated local number and answer calls through it. It blocks unwanted spam calls and updates its database as and when it receives any to avoid repetition. CallJoy’s working mechanism is pretty easy to comprehend; it involves answering calls with a custom message as punched in by the owner. It may contain basic information about the business and the services it provides. Once the customer has finished the call, the recording gets stored in the respective database considering the nature of the call. At the end of each day, the owner receives a compiled call report that includes all the little details. It is safe to say that CallJoy is a boon to small businesses due to its efficiency in customer management. Its complete data analysis about call frequency and call volume during a particular time allow the proprietary to make a calculated decision.

2) Chatbase

Tired of listening to music and endless navigation options? ChatBase is here to save the day. It analyses the pre-written text by company agents and answers questions posed by customers. It is not always easy to answer all queries via call and not be exhausted before the day ends. ChatBase enables you to focus on the vital area while it redresses queries from your customers on your behalf. This intelligent customer service tool unlocks insights from raw customer data to create the right AI-powered conversational experiences for customer service. And, it’s free to use! These virtual agents take data-driven actions. It, on its own, analyzes and optimizes customer services. So, by embracing chatbase, we can say that you are all set to provide the best customer services 24/7 and at optimized cost.

Signing off!


Apart from these customer service tools, you can also embrace other tools that uplift your business as a whole. For example, ScheduleOnce for calendar management, Skype for discussions and meetings, Google Drive for sharing and storing files and folders, MeetUp for networking and many more that can ease your life. All these tools will uplift and strengthen digital marketing for small businesses and help fetch great ROI. Summing up this article, we can conclude that looking at Google’s initiative towards enhancing the profitability of small scale business, we must take the leap of faith towards our business ideas and leave the customer redressal to the two marvelous tools, ChatBase and CallJoy!