Customer Who View Also Viewed This


“Customer Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed Plus” provides an additional feature of managing the products along with keeping track of customers’ shopping trends, and based on those statistics, it improves the cross-selling mechanism. This extension will suggest your site visitors or customers with products that were mostly explored by other customers. These suggestions will be displayed on the product pages that are based on the current product.

For example, Let’s say you viewed product A, product B, and product C, and another customer views any one of the products from A, B, and C. Then the customer will be able to view the rest of the two products under the currently viewed product. The most important point is, there is an option to show the most viewed product first.

Pro Features

  • Option to enable/disable the extension
  • Shows the products viewed by other customers based on current product.
  • Option to sort the products by most viewed, price, and name
  • Option to manage product count displayed, in product detail page
  • In stock and category filter
  • Option to hide/show wishlist, compare and add to cart button
  • Clears session products data based on specified time.


  • Easy to install and manage
  • Ensure efficient performance and criteria of suggested products
  • Improves cross-selling mechanism

Installation Steps

To install this Extension manually:

Download Zip File

Download the extension zip to your desktop.



If downloaded as a zip archive, extract the plugin folder to your desktop.



With your FTP program, upload the plugin folder to the app/code folder in your Magento directory online.



Run command “bin/magento setup:upgrade” from the Magento root using SSH



Deploy static content using “bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy [YOUR_LOCALE]


Active Plugin

Go to the store > Configuration > ZealousWeb extension and license key and save the configuration.

How To Use

You can enable/disable extension from the configuration. You can also set the product counts, choose same category products and sorting of products as well. the store owner should go to Store⟶ Configuration⟶ ZealousWeb Extensions ⟶ Customer Who Viewed This Also Viewed

Here, you can select whether you want to show an add to cart, compare, and wishlist option or not.

Once you have saved all the configuration, visit the website, and the extension will keep track of your journey. So when some other customers or visitors view the same product you have viewed, we will show your other visited products for that particular product.

This product list will also contain other customer’s visited products as well.

The extension will keep all the data in tables based on customer sessions. So it is necessary to clear the data at some time. There is an option to clear the data after specified number of days and for this option there must be a cron enabled server.