GDPR Compliance


GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is enforced to protect the private and confidential data of the transactions made by the citizens of the European Union within the EU member states. Non-compliance to these set of regulations can prove to be expensive to the companies and businesses of the EU.

Therefore, to save the businesses from such worries, ZealousWeb Technologies has come up with this extension which supports Customer Data Anonymisation.

With the help of this extension, you can store and process customer data in the most effective and transparent way. It fully complies with the data protection regulation terms. It provides you with a single tool to collect the user’s consent for the processing of the personal data and also manages every sort of privacy issue.

How Does this extension work:

The admin can enable/disable extension from the backend. This extension will allow the admin to choose the forms to show terms and conditions checkbox. Admin can also manage the text for the terms and conditions. Once the admin enables the extension and chooses the form, the terms and conditions checkbox will appear in the chosen forms.

This extension will also allow users to delete their account. Admin will have an option to enable/disable this feature. Customers will receive the confirmation link for the delete account.


  • Terms and condition checkbox is present in the forms of login, register etc
  • Admin can select the form in the backend to show terms and condition checkbox
  • It allows deleting Customer & Anonymise Data from Admin or Front-end
  • To delete the account, it sends an email to the user with a link
  • Manage Email template for delete account email
  • Delete quote data of customers while deleting customers.

Installation Steps

To install this Extension manually:

Download Zip File

Download the extension zip to your desktop.



If downloaded as a zip archive, extract the plugin folder to your desktop.



With your FTP program, upload the plugin folder to the app/code folder in your Magento directory online.



Run command “bin/magento setup:upgrade” from the Magento root using SSH



Deploy static content using “bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy [YOUR_LOCALE]


Active Plugin

Go to the store > Configuration > ZealousWeb extension and license key and save the configuration.

How To Use

After the installation steps has been performed, You can see terms and condition checkbox in contact us page. We have kept enable by default.

You can find the configuration options in System > Configuration > ZEALOUSWEB EXTENSIONS> GDPR Compliance.

in Admin Section. There is an option to enable/disable extension.  You can also select forms to show terms and condition checkbox and option to delete account.

You can also change label for the terms and condition checkbox.

After saving all the configuration options from admin section,  You can see delete option and terms and condition checkbox