Alpha color picker Field type is easy to use and compatible with channel entry, Grid, Fluid and Relationship Field. It provides valuable output in HEX, RGB and RGBA values.


EE Compatible Version: EE4, EE5, EE6


Follow below steps to install Alpha Color Picker Field version:

EE4 , EE5 and EE6 :

  1. Download and Extract ZIP file of the module. (We recommend to use the latest version.)
  2. Copy Alpha_Color_Picker_Field > system > user > addons > alpha_color_picker_field folder to “Your Site > system > user > addons” Folder.
  3. Copy Alpha_Color_Picker_Field > themes > user > alpha_color_picker_field folder to “Your Site > themes > user” Folder.
  4. Login to backend panel with Super admin credentials.
  5. Go to “Developer > Add-Ons” and Install Alpha Color Picker Field module.

Note: If you purchased the addon from Devot:ee then you can get the license key from the licenses tab in your profile.


  1. Easy to set up
    1. Download and extract Fieldtype “Alpha Color Picker Field”
    2. Move Field Type in your website’s third party directory:
      EX: – /system/expressionengine/third_part… [for system Files]
      – /themes/third_party/ [for themes Files]
      Note. This step can differ for other EE versions.
    3. Go to Control Panel home > Add-Ons
    4. Click ‘install’ on Alpha Color Picker Field.
  2. Compatible with the grid field.Alpha Color Picker Field works with Grid type of fields.

  3. Compatible with Fluid and Relationship Field.Alpha color Picker Field also works with the Fluid and Relationship field.
  4. Compatible with Channel Forms.
    Alpha Color Picker Field is also Compatible with Channel Forms.

  5. Can select color, write, and adjust the Alpha value.Here we can insert another color hex to see the output of the color view, we can set the alpha value for that color as well as we can set the switch to Hex and Rgba value for the field.



  • Initial Version


  • Supported to EE6