Smart channel forms is the unique ExpressionEngine add-on that generates forms for the channel without writing any HTML code. Smart channel forms save all the form data into the ExpressionEngine channel. Smart channel forms support all the native channel fields and some third-party fields like smart members field. Smart channel form displays the channel fields at the front side. Smart channel forms need only one tag with a form ID.

Smart channel forms have a setting page for individual form for the same channel, which means that the user can set different forms with the same channel and different settings.

Some of the features of Smart Channel Forms are listed below:

  • Users can set dynamic title and url_title from the custom field.
  • Users can enable or disable the form.
  • The form can be edit form via entry_id through the URI segment.
  • User login restricted form submission.
  • Users can set the default creator of the form if not login restricted.
  • The form can be set with a simple template tag.
  • Users can set design class and id from the setting
  • Can set return URL
  • Restrict channel edit for another user


EE Compatible Version: EE5, EE6.


Follow the below steps to install the Smart Channel Forms add-on:


  1. Download and Extract the ZIP file of the module. (We recommend using the latest version.)
  2. Copy Smart_channel_forms > system > user > add-ons > smart_channel_forms folder to “Your Site > system > user > add-ons” Folder.
  3. Copy Smart_channel_forms > themes > user > smart_channel_forms folder to “Your Site > themes > user” Folder.
  4. Login to the backend panel with Super admin credentials.
  5. Go to “Add-Ons” and install the Smart Channel Forms module.


Note: If you purchased the add-on from “Devot-ee” then you can get the license key from the licenses tab in your profile.

Forms list

Forms list

Once you create a form , It will show under the Form list. Where you can edit or delete form settings.




Create a new form

Create a new form

To create a new form, Go to the backend Smart Channel Forms settings. Click on “Create new form” Button

In process of creating a new form, You need to select the channel you want to create a form.



After selecting the channel, A full list of fields and categories will be shown. Users can select the fields and categories to add to the form.



After selecting fields and categories, users can set the form settings from the listed settings.


Form Settings are described as below:

Form Name: Set the name of the form

Show URL Title: Make a visible URL title field. Default is “Yes”

If the user wants to generate a dynamic title, then you can set it to “No”.

Dynamic Title: Users can make title dynamic with before and afterword with the custom field combination. Pre-title word – you can set pre-title words. Custom field – you can choose the custom field of the form. Post-title word – you can set the post title words.

Return URL: Users can set the redirect URL after form submission.

Author Only: Only the author of the entry can edit the entry.

Class of the form: Users can set the HTML class of the form tag.

ID of the form: Users can set the HTML ID of the form tag.

Datepicker: Set “Yes” if you want to use native ExpressionEngine date-picker. Default is “Yes”

Logged out member ID: Users can set the default member if they have an open submission form.

Secure Action: This option forces the form to use HTTPS as its action. Default is “No”.

Secure Return: This option Forces the forms to return with HTTPS. 

Site: This option is useful when the site is MSM.

Select the other site from the dropdown from MSM sites to add/edit for that site.

Unique URL Title: When the user sets “Yes”, it will ensure the URL title of the entry will be unique so there is no risk of creating an entry with a duplicate URL title. 

EntryID Segment Number: Users can set the segment number while the entry is going to be edited.

Use Live URL: This will disable the url_title from being created automatically based on the title.

Form Enabled!: Admin can enable/disable the form.

Form render

Smart channel forms have a simple one template tag. Just pass the Form ID as a parameter 



  1. form_id

Following Parameters can be use Run tag:


This parameter will inform the tag to render the form as per the settings have been  applied to the form at the control panel.



Example(full) :-

{exp:smart_channel_forms:entry_form form_id="1"}



  • Initial Version


  • Added EE native captcha and Google reCAPTCHA V2
  • New design changes to set the field label and error position
  • Some bug fixing