User Registration Using Contact Form 7


User Registration Using Contact Form 7 plugin provides the feature to register the user to the website. By using this plugin, it becomes easy to create the registration or sign up form by selecting the fields for username and Email Id. The plugin allows the admins to view the list of registered users and set their roles efficiently. 


Features of User Registration Using Contact Form 7 Plugin.

  1. Users can register to the site using the Contact Form 7 plugin.
  2. Option to view the list of the users who have been registered to the site.
  3. Option to set the User Role for the registered user.
  4. Option to select the Username and Email field for registration.
  5. An email consisting of an auto-generated password will be sent to the users after their registration on the site.
  6. There is a debug mode option for debugging.
  7. Option to set a URL to redirect users to a particular page after a user is registered.

Installation Steps

To install this Plugin manually:

Download Zip File

Download the Plugin zip to your desktop.



If downloaded as a zip archive, extract the Plugin folder to your desktop.



With your FTP program, upload the Plugin folder to the wp-content/plugins folder in your WordPress directory online.


Go to Plugins

Go to Plugins screen and find the newly uploaded Plugin in the list.


Active Plugin

Click Activate Plugin to activate it.

How To Use

Once you’ve activated the plugin, go to settings page as shown below:

On the settings page, you can view and change the settings for User Registration, as shown below:

  1. Select Registration Form
    Select the Form for User Registration.
  2. Enable Debug Mode
    Tick the checkbox to enable the debug mode to generate user logs.
  3. Skip Contact Form 7 Email
    Tick the checkbox to skip the default contact form 7 email.
  4. Select User Role Field
    Select the User Role for user registration.
  5. Select Email Field
    Select the field for User Email Address.
  6. Select Username Field
    Select the field for Username.

Select Success URL
Select the URL to redirect the users after the registration process is completed.

Add the Form Shortcode on page:

Once the settings are saved, please add the form shortcode into a page. The form should be the same that you have selected for the Registration Process.

Registered User Listing Page:

This page will list all the users who have been registered using the Contact Form 7 form. You can view the Email, Username, and User Role here.

Registered User Detail Page:

Admin can view the registration details from the detail page.

Getting Help

If you have any difficulties while using this Plugin, please feel free to contact us at We also offer custom WordPress extension development and WordPress theme design services to fulfill your e-commerce objectives. Our professional impassioned WordPress experts provide profound and customer-oriented development of your project within short timeframes. Thank you for choosing a Plugin developed by ZealousWeb!