Today, the world has become unsafe from all the angles. Humans are at the risk of unknown, uncalled dangers any point in time. So, it is inevitable for everyone to stay safe and protected in all the ways they can. Now, when we talk about the web world, it has become the most unsafe place for the webmasters to survive with their websites and blogs. With the increasing cyber crimes, several significant websites, blogs, portals and more are getting attacked every day. Along with this insecure condition, webmasters have become cautious and smart enough to protect their websites with the effective anti-virus software and other security software like firewalls.

Moreover, when you have an online business, it becomes more important to protect your data from getting hacked. There are lots of ways you can protect yourself online from those cyber criminals, waiting to hack your accounts.

Here, we shall discuss some simple, yet significant steps that will help you protect yourself online from the cyber attacks.

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Always keep a unique and a strong password

When it comes to keeping a password to any of your accounts or your website admin store, make sure you keep a unique one. Avoid keeping the names of your spouse and kids or their birth dates as passwords as they are easy to predict and crack. You can make your password stronger by combining letters, numbers, and special characters. It is also advisable that you keep changing them at regular intervals to ensure more safety. Also, make sure you do not write your passwords anywhere which can be accessible to anyone in your absence.

Avoid using the same password for multiple services

When you set passwords for your different websites, make sure you do not use the same password for all of them. Keep a different password for each of your service or websites. It will make it difficult for the hackers to crack your multiple passwords. Moreover, it will also tighten your security level and you are almost less likely to get hacked by the cyber criminals.

Implement two-way authentication

To make your safety, stronger, you can enable two-factor authentication. It means that you can set your password and then again you can use some code to further secure your account. Google provides this facility of authentication for logging into your account. Instead of just entering your password, the websites will prompt you to enter a code sent on your smartphone to verify your identity. It will ensure that your account is completely safe and secure from the cyber attacks.

Use passphrases instead of passwords

Yes, you read it right. Instead of keeping a simple password, you can use a full-fledged phrase as your password and the cyber criminals can never crack this phrase. It is nearly impossible to crack a phrase compared to a single password. So, try to put it into practice to use phrases as your passwords and it will make a double security of your accounts and websites. For example, “ilovemymotherverymuch” cannot be easily predicted by any stranger or a cyber criminal.

Keep all your software updated

When your software needs an update, do not delay because this is the time when they are vulnerable and the criminals get a good chance to attack your software. So, make sure you update all your software when they need. Do not keep an auto-update because when you keep it on, your software will get updated with so many other unnecessary things like toolbars, other software, and a lot more which may not be of any use to you. So, make sure you always customize your updates and keep all your software updated at regular intervals or when needed.

Do not avoid the instructions while installing applications

Whenever you install any application or software into your system, make sure you do not just click “Next, Next..” because you might miss some instruction related to some toolbars or other software. So, always make your installation a customized one rather than going for a standard one. It will give you the chance to select your required things rather than taking all of them unnecessarily.

Check for the publisher’s name before installing

Whenever you install any application or software in your system or smartphone, do not forget to look at the publisher’s name. It is often because it has happened that the application or the software are true, but the publisher’s name may be a fake one. It will increase the risk of fraud. So, make sure you take a look at the name and then install the relevant application or the software.

Do not insert the hard drives and thumb drives you do not trust

When you are not sure about the source of the data, do not insert the hard drives and thumb drives in your system. It will create the risk of getting viruses in your computer system. So, always be sure to take the data from a trustworthy source to avoid any risk of danger.

Make sure a website is secure before entering any personal data

When you go online for shopping or any other transaction, ensure the trustworthiness of the site before entering any personal information. Your personal data can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime, for any illegal purposes. So, keep yourself safe.

Avoid sending personal data via email

As far as possible, try to avoid sending your personal information via any emails. The internet is the most unsafe place for any kind of transactions and when it comes to personal data, it is utmost important that you should protect it from all the ways you can.

Do not log into your important accounts in public

When you are in public, it is very important that you take care about logging into your important accounts. As far as possible, avoid logging into your significant accounts in public as you are at a higher risk of exposing your personal information and username-passwords to the stranger. Keep safe.

Always backup your personal data

It is advisable that you should always keep a backup of your important and personal information. You can lose your data anytime due to any kind of risk, so it is better that you should have a backup of every significant detail of your website or any other thing.

It is always better to be safe than to be sorry. Keep yourself safe and secure from every possible angle.