Are you looking for the best Content management system to build your business website? Nowadays, if you check the market, then WordPress is the most commonly used
Content Management System (CMS) in the world. But there are several other alternatives for your CMS site. You may need to choose the best CMS that offers out-of-the-box features and benefits for your website. Business owners who do not have knowledge about CMS can look for the best web development agency to help them select the right solution for creating their website. 

ExpressionEngine is an amazing CMS that offers great advantages for designing websites. As it helps to overcome the limitations of the existing template, it is a popular choice for several developers as well as clients worldwide. One doesn’t need to create HTML files when using ExpressionEngine. Therefore, here we are discussing
ExpressionEngine and how it makes creating a website easier. For now, WordPress and other CMS have a good position in the market but ExpressionEngine has its own benefits that may make them better suited to your project.

So, first we check about some facts of both CMS WordPress and ExpressionEngine.

Features of WordPress:

  • This is Open Source and freely available on its official WordPress website. Also provide manydifferent types of Plugins
     and Themes free to use. 
  • WordPress is a popular CMS that is known to be user friendly. You can manage it with basic knowledge of websites. 
  • Website owners can make the changes to the WordPress website via admin dashboard. You can add, edit, or delete the content and images from the admin panel. 
  • WordPress also provides a good SEO friendly structure and also offers free and paid plugins to build an SEO-friendly site. 
  • It has a bigger community nowadays, so you can get help for any type of query related to WordPress from the community forum.So, after all above mentioned
    all features of WordPress there are some points where WordPress fails to prove itself. At that point, we can say that ExpressionEngine is the alternative of WordPress.

    ExpressionEngine CMS till the 5th version provides Licence and paid copy. So it’s not an Open source and till 2018 (for 16 years) it provides Licence copy but last year 2019 they have declared it as open source and the 6th version is launched in 2021 with good UI of admin, New options and as Open source.

Here Are Some Points Where ExpressionEngine Can Be Proud Of Itself:

  • If you checked ExpressionEngine, installation and admin, then it also looks good and feels very user friendly.
  • It is fully customizable and provides you with readymade themes and templates. You can change your web pages from admin with HTML structure and ExpressionEngine shortcodes.
  • Based on security, it’s a highly secure CMS compared to other options and it is a developer oriented platform too. 
  • It provides a good multisite engine, so you can create multisite with using a single admin dashboard.
  • Also it has a good hold on E-commerce sites by using bigger add-on CartThrob & Expresso Store. 

So, here if we check the journey of the ExpressionEngine, then it has a very long journey with the paid version without any failure, and now it has become free Open source with extended features. Based on that, we can think about how user friendly it is, its security level for CMS websites and powerful dashboard. 

Security and Reliability of ExpressionEngine:

If we talk about the security level of a CMS then Expressionengine is very good compared to WordPress
. It provides features such as Session Management, Secure Form Processing, and default Captcha. It has built-in Spam protection features
to keep your site Spam free. 

Another feature is the Blacklist/Whitelist Module, which allows you to specify URLs, IP addresses, and user agents that you want to blacklist or whitelist from your site. So we can say it provides immediate site protection from hackers and spamming. If we doubt that, we can activate this feature from the admin set restriction based on IP addresses.

With the above security, it also provides protection against unwanted traffic on site. We need to handle that because it could slow down your site pages speed. ExpressionEngine has allowed and/or limits multiple users’ access to certain areas of the site.

Support in ExpressionEngine:

If we are stuck anywhere for installation or as developers while developing an ExpressionEngine site and need help for any code or admin related help, then we get instant support on that.

You can create your account and post your query on ExpressionEngine Forum and there are many developers and community members who are ready to help you. 

Flexibility in ExpressionEngine:

As we talked above, it is a developer oriented Content management system, it offers greater flexibility to the developers and users. The new version comes with a good UI and outstanding features at the admin side to manage all the content and options.

In addition to flexibility, we can develop all pages of the site from scratch. They have provided some templates in the ready theme but it’s not compulsory to use but you can use your own structure. Also allow you to use any HTML/CSS template you would like, regardless of where it was found.

From the above discussion below is the main reason why ExpressionEngine is the alternative of WordPress.

  • It’s Developer oriented CMS and flexible for Content editors.
  • Manage multiple sites from a single installation with good options.
  • Extensive Security and updates.


We always need to select the best CMS for our website based on the type of features and functionality we need for our website. It should be easy to manage and maintain. 

So, our main goal is to select a CMS, which closely matches our business requirements. That can be WordPress also but before choosing it blindly think about ExpressionEngine too with its extensive features and flexibility.