Social media has had a massive impact on the way businesses strategize and implement their advertising campaigns. And when we talk about social media, the first thing that flashes in our minds is the white and blue Facebook logo. Mark Zuckerberg, the man behind this lucrative virtual platform, conceptualized the idea in 2004. From then to now, Facebook has had a fantastic journey. It has changed the way the entire business community functions, from connecting people over the internet to connecting B2B and B2C businesses with their prospective customers. It acts as an inflection point for other social media platforms that function on the same concept.

The company has a substantial impact on businesses and has always managed to walk on the path of success. We cannot deny that people have found Facebook as the perfect place to connect with their families and friends by every means – like by sharing photos, messages, videos, and much more. Hence, it is one of the biggest companies on the web, and there is no doubt about it. Right?

Be it social networking or pitching your business to reach its target audience, Facebook is pretty popular among Gen-Y and Gen-Z, and here is why; (source: milestoneinternet)

  • With over 2.7 billion users, Facebook witnesses 60% of its total members every day.
  • Over 90% of its users prefer to surf through Facebook via mobile phones.
  • Business users have tapped into the ultimate potential. Over 80 million users use Facebook business pages.
  • There are over 10 million Facebook Groups, and over 400 million users are participating in these groups.
  • Around 86% of US companies use Facebook to market their products.
  • The total number of video views is expected to exceed 8 billion views a day.

Nowadays, when people talk about social media, they will talk about Facebook. It has defined social media for many individuals worldwide, and almost 70% of the people have their Facebook accounts irrespective of age. Over the past 15 years, it has made certain worthwhile modifications, and the power it has conferred on the social media network is just enormous. Because in this fast-paced tech world, the change is necessary.

Well, every website loses its momentum, but this is not the case with Facebook. But what is 2021? Let’s get to know about it.

Facebook Messenger Bots

Chatbots have revolutionized the way businesses resolve customer queries. Facebook struck oil when they automated massaging that uses AI to converse with existing or prospective customers. Currently, there are over 300,000 active chatbots on Facebook Messenger.

Every sphere uses Chatbots differently. Businesses use them to keep closer contact with their customers. Business owners may program the chatbot to answer pre-filed or frequently asked questions that will facilitate customer interaction.

To successfully use chatbots, you must remember a few things.

  • Create a personalized chatting experience with your customers while they use the chatbots.
  • To make a personalized chatting experience, create a buyers’ persona that will allow you to expect queries, and chart answers for them.
  • The last one is more of a mental task than a technical one. You have to accept that chat bots don’t work overnight. Just like SEO, it is a slow process and will show dips in the graph.

Video Is Game-Changing

Videos still rank as the best among content types. Hence, experts see videos to continue to dominate Facebook marketing. Different types of videos continue to emerge in recent years allow companies to cater to different audiences.

Video advertisements in the timeline are Facebook’s next big-money move, as pleasing the shareholders is its focus after going public.

The company came up with video advertisements in the timeline, and users won’t have to click to watch it. It will automatically begin playing when you scroll down your timeline, without the sound. Thus, it is the best way to display your ads to more and more users.

Page Customization

Facebook allows users to customize pages and this feature has allowed the user to create a different brand for themselves. This feature has been existing since a long time and stands a valuable tool that enhances social media reach. The customization feature also allows you to integrate third-party applications to your page and create something unique. According to the marketers, this feature is useful in creating a strong brand presence and inviting traffic.

The customization can happen in a plethora of ways. It may include changing templates to suit your business category, choose a unique design, manipulate tabs to customize, remove, or rearrange them.


We’ve seen that Facebook has managed to surprise legions of marketers with its transformational updates through the blog. While some may wonder that it has no further things to pull out of its sack, others believe that the existing technology is yet to reach its full potential. Facebook may not bring in innovative updates, but it brings about new changes to existing technology, helping marketers brainstorm new campaigns to pitch a brand.

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