Google experiments with a lot of unique formats to give its customers the best experience of all times. This time also, it has come up with something fresh and new with the mobile search result pages which is the addition of the “more results” button at the bottom of the result pages. Last year in December, Google admitted that it is officially testing a new search format and also search refinement button for mobile phones. The search result snippets will also contain buttons to refine the search process for serving its customers in a better way.

Also, on April 7, 2018, Danny Sullivan made it clear that few of the changes had been in the process and is visible to many. According to him, this will let the searcher click on the “more results” button to see more refined results on mobile.


Recently, he made it clear on Twitter that Google is expanding this to more and more people and is looking forward to remove the paginated search results. Following this, many people questioned Danny about it.



One of the employees of ZealousWeb also had a related question in his mind. He tweeted instantly about it and Danny Sullivan generously replied to him as well. Have a look.