Nowadays, new sites pop up all the time and there are many people out there who try to jump on all of them; which is actually the waste of time. So I would suggest you to go for Google plus, which has been around for several months now. And people are not making use of this social networking site, to its full potential.

Google+ is the network which is growing at a very fast pace all over the world. And as of now, there are near about 100 million users in this network. Thus, it can be a good bet for business.

Google+ Advantages At A Glance

  • It is much more than just being a social network platform for businesses and the fastest growing networking site as well.
  • With an enormous 500 million enabled accounts and over 65% of them who log in everyday.
  • The ‘+1 and share’ features will help you improve your search engine rankings. So you must add +1 button to your content on your website.
  • The content you posts in Google+ get indexed in search results immediately, which increases the possibility that your network will see your content.
  • You can link your Google+ profile to your website or blog to claim your authored content.
  • Create a Google+ business page and merge this with your local page (if you already have), to help your business with more features.
  • The Google+ Communities is newly launched feature, where you can mingle with your customers in a meaningful way.

Obviously, people such as customers, founders, employees and many more make your business run. So, always summon in mind that without people, there is no business!

Now let us see some tips, which are mainly focused on people keeping your business active – regardless of small or big:

Google+ Hangouts: This is the place to get in direct contact with your targeted audience; you can talk to them face to face, or even you can communicate with 10 people simultaneously using its live video feature. So, leverage the benefit of these features either by creating your own hangouts or by joining other people’s hangouts.


Allows Focusing on your employees: Google Plus provides its users, like you, with a great opportunity to unfold a little bit of the covers and reveals what’s going on behind the screen in your company. Share the things you are doing in your daily routine at workplace and help your valued customers your products in better way.


Optimize your site’s social design: Your site’s design should be around people. Make use of tags, rel=”author”; if you want to link your website’s content to the Google+ profiles of your customers. This will make your site rank better as well as your content more user-friendly.


Get your employees using Google+ through Google Apps, because it is the best way to coordinate your efforts.

You must know your Google+ audience and understand them nicely. Basically, Google+ works well for photographers, artists, professional industries and programmers to name a few.

So, after knowing your audience, you must start building your audience by adding them into your circles, showing genuine interest in them and then you will get the same, deliver catchy content in your circles – then only they will read and follow you, and engage them as well as get them commenting with more and more +1s.

Also there are some amazing Google Plus Tools which you should use for your business. Google Plus tools have the ability to help you become more creative as well as efficient on Google Plus. These tools will let you gauge your potency, keep trace on your market rivals and will save a considerable amount of time as well. Now, let us have a look how you can leverage Google+ with some of the following tools:


It will help you explore Google+ and find popular pages for your brand, circles and communities. It counts the number of circles with which you are combined and then it uses this metric to represent the number of followers of your posts.


This circle management tool will help you un-circle, meaning remove, people when they don’t circle you in return and this way you can get disconnected from inactive users. The tool also features other management functionalities and will provide you with comprehensive information about the people you engage with, circles and followers on Google Plus.

Steady Demand

You can use this tool to conduct audit for FREE. It is also a paid analytics tool, which let you analyze the efficiency of your marketing campaign.


It is quite user-friendly tool. It lets you analyze your Google+ profile and community based on your business requirements.

So go ahead, make a use of any of the above tools and then you will understand more about the benefits.

Hence, the takeaway is:

If your business have the Google Plus account, you can increase the odds of winning highly targeted visitors. Because the Google+ Profiles does make a difference to any business and a great help in getting indexed by Google. Thus, it is the high time to make the most of your presence in this emerging platform. Just go for it!