As we have already nearing the end of the year 2020, it is a great time to move ahead and understand where we are going and about digital marketing trends, we’re going to see in 2021. Covid-19 has shaken many industries, transformed the way we live, and it has also changed the way businesses are operating. In fact, a new wave of digital transformation is being experienced across the industries, across the globe! As technologies are changing rapidly, it is necessary for the tech-savvy to focus around it. As we all know, technological advancements like digitalisation and automation create interactions between brands and consumers and help to make digital marketing more alive again.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and data-driven marketing will definitely become big trends this year. The marketing trends of digitalisation will be dominated for the next 12 months including overarching components customer experience, content visualisation and public engagement. As marketing has gone beyond branding and advertisement and people are focusing on online presence and engagement, we are here to share a few new digital marketing trends recently adopted by businesses in 2021.

Voice Search And Visualization

Amidst all business shutdowns and other crises, the one thing that has not gone down is voice searches on search engines.

With the outbreak changes and explosion of voice research and smart speakers, everyone has forgotten that the readable content possesses more importance than visuals and graphics. Even we cannot neglect this fact that we are starting to make visual content due to the advancement of voice search, which is certainly influencing elements in the field of digital marketing these days.

Through recent studies, it has observed that people have started preferring visual content to pain normal text. For this, you can see the growth of image-focused mediums like Instagrams and Pinterest. Google, Pinterest and LinkedIn are also focusing on visual search technology.

Around 62% of millennials state they are more interested in visual content and search that makes people more closer toward digitalisation.

Multi-Channels Social Messaging And Enhanced Implication

Digital marketers are able to find more and more potential customers and existing buyers who are all scattered across the internet and are ready to transact directly, using their preferred messaging channels.

Messaging apps are taking these opportunities and offer new API features to spread messages between businesses and buyers. People are not using WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram & WeChat just for personal messages sharing any longer. These private messaging APIs like WhatsApp are more flexible and convenient when it comes to using them as automated bot chats and business marketing.

There are many fully-fletched marketing techniques available in the market. Around 4 billions of businesses have started using these three messaging platforms Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram for public gathering and customer engagement expansion. The benefits of using these social messaging channels are to create effective communication between the audience and improve personalisation strategies.

SEO Structured Data

Recent analysis shows that around 49% of google searches caused no clicks, which means almost half of these searches were not worthy and missed the chances to gain more traffic. It was the result of the first quarter of 2020 which is related to the changes in SEO structured data. Another change was related to the numbers of visitors. The number of visitors is increasing that businesses are getting from their organic efforts and SEO is about to decline.

Google is also focusing on “visual search” rich snippets in all their platforms and devices in order to give permission to their customers to search faster and help them to make decisions by clicking on the right website. These initiatives of google will be proven as more informed and click-through which will reduce the bounce rates certainly. The implementation of these rich snippets is known as structured data and “Schema Markup” which is expected to be a topmost discussable issue among SEOs in 2021.

The best part about Schema Markup is that it has become successful to attract people by its unique and easier adoption phase and the features of box plugins for the mainstream mediums such as WordPress, Shopify etc.are helping users to configure the platform without knowing any technical aspects. If you are using this platform for a custom build, you can utilise this platform of SEO Boost manually by using JSON-LD.

Strategic Marketing Concepts And Transformation

When you are reading and configuring upcoming marketing trends, you will find a clear detail in this blog. It is necessary to simplify and understand the lists of best practices and concepts that can help to make your businesses alive and creative. Strategic marketing transformation is the term which is used to clarify the process of business operations without any strategic marketing plan. It evolves by fluctuation in the fundamental business processes.

Strategic transformation is the new digital trend in 2021 which can help companies to work on their customer’s services and online business experience. It also helps entrepreneurs to boost their customer’s awareness and brand reputation so that they can ultimately enhance their revenue profits.

Your strategic marketing plan should be changed and implemented according to business goals and objectives. The marketing tactics you need to employ should be reached to your customers’ mind through effective content marketing, SEO, email marketing and advertising and social media.

Signing Off – Get Ready For New Wave Of Digital Transformation

Now it is the time to get planned your 2021 marketing strategy by accepting new digital transformation if you haven’t adopted yet. You have to make sure you have included all relevant plans for the completion of your goals and business achievements. Get started today and lead your business by knowing more about these trends. To have complete success, you have to work on making solid and quality content to generate traffic over the expectation.