Magento, one of the popular platforms to design amazing ecommerce websites has many amazing features to offer you. If you are striving to change the complete look of your ecommerce website into the most attractive and interesting one, then Magento Layout Files Development can be the right choice for you.

There are many Magento theme development professionals offering professional and outstanding services. They can develop eye-catchy themes in a more inspiring way. Their creative ideas and trendy way of thinking can produce ample numbers of unique and attractive websites. Besides the use of the latest technology that is constantly evolving according to the trend, further supports the development of professional magento layouts for websites.

Featured Services offered by Magento Theme Development Professionals:

Magento has numbers of pre-loaded features with the potential for converting even the dead or inactive eCommerce websites into completely functional. Their ability to change the complete look and performance of website can 100% guarantees developing your online business. Besides, the professionals of Magento theme development constantly update with the latest technologies, which further increases their ability and skills to develop best websites on Magento platform. There are a number of new versions of Magento with latest editions are being released often in the web development industry. This further increases the opportunity to develop highly professional and effective websites as desired to suit the business needs.

Some of the best features of Magento Theme development are:

  • Best user experience
  • SEO optimized web designs
  • Effective Ecommerce theme designs
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Customizable theme designs
  • Optimized code to run the store without troubles
  • Mobile friendly designs
  • Compliant to HTML / XHTM/CSS
  • Flexible to convert from PSD to Magento theme
  • Features Magento shopping cart themes
  • Design integration
  • Potential to develop UI – User interface design
  • W3C Compliant verified
  • User friendly navigations and more

What the Magento Web development Theme must have?

Apart from the above said key features of the Magento theme development, here follows some specified features which must never be missed during the development process. The core focus of every business owner in developing a web design is cost effectiveness. There is no wonder that every business owner dealing with online business would definitely look for, awesome websites or online store developed within their desired budget, whereas never compromise in the expected result.

In this array, here are a few analyses, which must be considered while developing the Magento theme:

  • The theme developed must be capable of handling multiple browsers in an appropriate manner, ranging from Explorer 9 to more advanced versions
  • The theme must be mobile responsive and it must be perfectly displayed on the tablets, smart phones, desktop, laptop and other handheld devices
  • It must be flexible enough to set up customer sliders, website sections and navigations
  • It must allow the web developer to edit the webpage layouts
  • The design must adapt to the modern technology and trendy features
  • It must feature strong product imagery
  • The coding must be clean, as it must be understandable when there arise a need to customize in the future
  • The theme you choose must be retina ready and it should offer mega menu option
  • These features make it essential for any developer to ensure before the theme is chosen for eCommerce website designing.

Modifying your Magento Layouts

The newer versions come with numbers magento Layout Files Development which can be chosen according to the requirements. These layout files will help you to easily upgrade the existing one in a simpler way. The brilliant tags of Magento will enable easily customizing the code or edit the default layout files. Here are some advantages of modifying your Magento layout files:

It enables you to upgrade the themes without the need to merge in number of changes
It will allow you do perform custom layout changes, as they are centralized and will allow the developers to easily change the theme elements as required

Developing Magento Layout Files

Regardless of front end or backend development, the most important thing to keep in mind while editing the file is, never to edit the core Magento file, which means files coming as the base install and includes frontend> Base folder and fronted > Pacakge > Default folder. Here are a few safer steps to follow to change the layout files:

  • Since Magento works with fallback system, it is possible have several working themes and choose the best one as required
  • When there arise a need to change base install, then it becomes essential to set up a new theme
  • To make a new theme, create new folders as default on the same level and give a new name
  • The same rule can be followed to create themes inside skin folder, which is called by templates or layout
  • The cache must be flushed on changing the configuration, which can be done by Go to System > Cache Management > Flush Magento Cache
  • This step will help in implementing new changes