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ZealousWeb’s technically adept team has designed tons of powerful WordPress plugins that allow businesses to add a great deal of functionality to their websites in no time. Regardless of the industry, if you have a WordPress website, we ensure that our plugins can jazz it up in a flash. Over the years, our seasoned developers have developed user-friendly plugins like ‘Abandoned Contact Form 7 Pro’ ‘Track Geolocation Of Users Using Contact Form 7’ ‘Repeater Entries Widget’ and ‘Custom Product Options WooCommerce Pro, etc., that are assisting businesses tremendously. So if you want to make your website more efficient, give our plugins a try.

Use Our Add-Ons to Stop Programming From Blocking Your Creativity!



Having a vibrant website is the name of the game when it comes to making significant progress in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Considering that it remains your secret sauce for growing your business and engaging with your customers, you can’t afford to compromise on its quality. So, if you want to develop a compelling, intuitive, and faster ExpressionEngine website, but programming is getting in the way of your creativity, count on our EE add-ons. We strive to free you from the trouble of writing complex codes. Our goal is to help you unleash your creativity.

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Grow Your E-Commerce Profitability With Our Magento Extensions!



We have a host of Magento extensions that can add plenty of features and functionality to your store, taking its exuberance to the next level. Remember, the more notable your store becomes, the more customers you will attract. And the more customers you have, the more profit you will make. Our extensions like ‘Apple SignIn For Magento 2’ ‘Call for Price’ ‘Customer Specific Discount For Magento 2’ ‘Language Translator For Magento 2’ or ‘Products Share On WhatsApp For Magento’ add massive capabilities to your store, helping it stand out. So if you want to establish your Magento store, our extensions can help you increase its vitality in no time.

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Our New Arrivals!

ZealousWeb Introduces Smart Google Analytics for EE!


In a recent development, ZealousWeb Technologies unveiled Smart Google Analytics, an innovative ExpressionEngine add-on that offers massive user information without requiring you to sign in to Google Analytics. Compatible with EE5, EE6, this add-on allows you to discover users’ locations, giving you a clear picture of where your visitors are from exactly. Besides, it’s great for determining how many users arrived at a specific page and which keywords are performing better than the rest.

ZealousWeb Adds Licencing Feature to Customer Specific Discount For Magento 2!


In a recent development, Zealousweb added a licencing feature to ‘Customer Specific Discount For Magento 2‘ an extension that allows store owners to establish shopping cart price rules based on specific customers. To get the licence key, customers need to send an email to with their Marketplace Order ID. So if you want to provide a special discount to specific customers, give it a try.

A Note to Our Lovely Readers!

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Whether you have a WordPress website, an ExpressionEngine website or a Magento Store, you shouldn’t ignore the significance of using advanced plugins, add-ons, and extensions to increase its functionality. The more functionally rich and compelling a website you have, the better user experience it provides. And the more refined a user experience you offer, the more you retain your customers and attract new ones. Remember, you have to deliver on your promises to pull ahead. A slow and poorly functioning website kills your credibility and puts a big question mark on your professionalism, reducing your customer base significantly. You can’t afford to lose your customers’ trust as that will reduce your customer base with time. To climb the ladder of success, you have to focus on offering the best solutions to your clients. And to do that, you need to extend your capabilities in the first place. So invest in the right plugins, add-ons, and extensions to meet your customer requirements. Until next time, keep growing.



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