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Newsletter August 2021

Simplify the Process of Creating Channel Forms!

ZealousWeb Adds Safety Features to Smart Channel Forms Add-On!

ZealousWeb is delighted to announce that its ExpressionEngine team has made notable changes to the recently launched Smart Channel Forms add-on. Designed for generating different types of forms, Smart Channel Forms removes the need for writing any HTML code. Our team added EE native Captcha and Google reCAPTCHA V2 to this add-on to take its security to the next level. Additionally, we fixed a few bugs and made a couple of design changes to set the field label. So if you want to save time while creating channel forms on your website, perhaps you should try this add-on.

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Broaden Your Horizon to Reach More Patients!

ZealousWeb Gains Ground In Healthcare Digital Marketing!

Considering that the pandemic has increased the demand for healthcare services globally, ZealousWeb began to focus extensively on assisting healthcare providers to reach their target market. The company offers exceptional yet affordable healthcare digital marketing services to increase healthcare providers’ online presence. Besides, it also helps them build patient loyalty, grow credibility, improve brand awareness, and increase the bottom line. It offers everything from search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing, and social media marketing to paid advertising and email marketing services.

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Let Innovative Ideas & Creativity Guide Your Growth!

ZealousWeb Nurtures Innovative Ideas!

We at ZealousWeb believe that exploring innovative ideas is imperative for bringing that much-needed change within an organisation.  Embracing the change that pushes us in the right direction at the right time increases our ability to grow manifold. We are constantly working on ideas that help us improve our processes, make our products and services more creative and time-relevant, and increase efficiency. Since nurturing innovative ideas is working for us, we believe you should also focus in the same direction if you haven’t been doing that.

Upcoming Samsung Phones Will Feature Scratch-Resistant Cameras!
Upcoming Samsung Phones Will Feature Scratch-Resistant Cameras!
Are you tired of mobile phone camera lens scratches? Here is good news for you. Samsung’s upcoming phones will have scratch-resistant cameras. The company is expected to feature Corning’s Gorilla Glass to safeguard smartphone camera lenses. Corning’s new lens cover enhances durability. For more info, click here.
Google Rolls Out Android Auto’s New Beta Program!
Google Rolls Out Android Auto’s New Beta Program!
Tech behemoth Google launches a new beta program for Android Auto, which is currently available to users in limited countries. With this program, Google expects to obtain more data from users from different regions. The company also wants users to share their experience of using the new program. For more information, click here. 

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