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Newsletter November 2020

“Look at the world around you. It may seem like an immovable, implacable place. It is not, With the slightest push – in just the right place – it can be tipped.”
– Malcolm Gladwell.

Our lives are a comprehensive blend of multiple tipping points that lead us to the person we are today. Sometimes, we may be a part of an epidemic, and sometimes we may be on the forefront, leading a group to the zenith. Each of these instances has a cause-and-effect relationship with our decisions. And every decision is an opportunity cost away from a pool of options. So, when we think about it rationally, our decisions result from a domino effect that further triggers a domino effect.

In its 17th year, ZealousWeb has learned the importance of seizing an opportunity at sight – with a touch of rationality. Every opportunity is a potential zenith, but it is also a potential failure. Our goal is to rationalize our decisions, factor in the contingencies, and leverage the futures via customer satisfaction.

We began as a company of 3 employees that was functioning to break-even. Each passing year taught us that, paradoxically, an organization is a combination of rationality and an emotional connection between your employees and clients. And we’ve been leveraging this combination to generate a 34% year-on-year client acquisition rate and 14% year-on-year  business growth. Our proficient team is a homogeneous mix of seasoned employees, fresh talent, and pragmatic analysts who maintain our quality index at 96.2% and CSI at 94.8%.

And above all, our team ensures that our core values (Integrity, Transparency, Quality, Relationship) are a part of each process and interaction.

As we step into the 18th year, we’ve accomplished the goals we set for our 17th year, we served our clients with honesty and integrity, and fought the pandemic together as a family. We carry immense optimism for our 18th year, the year we come of age, the most pride-worthy year of any teenager’s life; we aim to give back to the community and develop a sustainable framework for our future generation – Gen Z and Alpha!

Here is to 17 years of optimism, commitment and community-development!
– Team ZealousWeb

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