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ZealousWeb Is Ecstatic to Revamp & Launch DiSTI’s New Website!

ZealousWeb Is Ecstatic to Revamp & Launch DiSTI’s New Website!

ZealousWeb is proud to announce that it has successfully revamped and launched DiSTI’s new Website. A global leader in offering turn-key and customized HMI software and 3D virtual maintenance training solutions, DiSTI trusted our team at every level, and we are happy to reveal that we managed to surpass their expectations. Our team never hesitated to go the extra mile, and we must emphasise that DiSTI’s team was equally clear about the scope. Our entire team is thrilled to be associated with this magnificent project, and we are looking forward to working closely with DiSTI in the future.

Here Is The Website We Built!

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Increase Conversions & ROI With Content Marketing!

ZealousWeb’s Digital Marketing team offers best-in-class content marketing services to help you increase your domain authority, get more traffic and improve search engine visibility. Besides, our content marketing solutions boost your brand awareness, help you establish credibility in the market and eventually increase your conversion rate and ROI. Based on your requirements, our competent team creates an effective content marketing strategy by incorporating different content formats such as blogs, articles, infographics, videos, etc., and then promotes them in the best online platforms.

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Learning Never Stops At ZealousWeb!

ZealousWeb Goes Deeper Into Modern Technologies

When most organizations are finding it difficult to adjust to the new normal, ZealousWeb is actively focusing on accelerating its learning and development initiatives. The company is encouraging its developers to aggressively explore progressive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Data Science on deeper levels.  Besides, it’s also diverting its energies towards strengthening other team members’ skills and competencies.

Google Is Expected to Face Antitrust Lawsuit Over Its App Store Management
Google Is Expected to Face Antitrust Lawsuit Over Its App Store Management
Tech giant Google may face an Antitrust Lawsuit over its inefficient management of Play Store from the US. According to media reports, a group of state attorneys general is expected to file the lawsuit by next week for Google’s incompetence in managing its Play Store. Complains are also coming from app developers on the same, which is certainly a matter of concern for Google. For more info, click here.
Microsoft Announces New Photo Editing Features for OneDrive
Microsoft Announces New Photo Editing Features for OneDrive
Tech behemoth Microsoft introduced a host of unique photo editing features for OneDrive, bringing a winsome smile on users’ faces. These new tools will enable OneDrive users to edit their photos more effectively and conveniently. Talk about cropping an image, rotating it, or adjusting the brightness and colours, the new features will make the editing process way simpler. For more info, click here. 

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