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ZealousWeb’s conscientious and heedful WordPress developers mark a radical change in what today’s customers need and how convenient a life they live. We understand that digital disruption sparked by our reliance on progressive technologies has completely transformed the way organisations function and what customers expect from them. Modern customers place their confidence on online platforms to meet their buying needs; therefore, you should extend your website capabilities to grab their attention. Be it saving yourself from tedious tasks or extending the functionality of your website, we build plugins that improve your site drastically.


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Over the years, ZealousWeb has crafted best-in-class digital solutions for a host of industry verticals and has executed a wide range of complex projects. Our strength lies in understanding market requirements and client requisites. Our vast experience in the technology industry has encouraged us to make the best use of our knowledge by building add-ons that make coding simple. Regardless of what you want to improve in your ExpressionEngine website – you will find an add-on in our store to simplify your work. All you have to do is follow a simple installation process to add new functionalities to your website.

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Are you looking forward to offering shopping experiences that compel your customers to come back? Well, if that’s the case, you should speed up your Magento store, improve navigation, and give it a rich visual appeal. It is the best way to offer a next-level shopping experience to your customers. You can put your trust in our Magento extensions to extend the capabilities of your store. They will meet your business requirements with great pace and agility. In other words, you can customise core functionality with our phenomenal extensions to accelerate your growth.

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Our New Arrivals!

Smart Import Export Now Supports Third-Party SEO Add-Ons!


Considering the trust users have been placing on ZealusWeb’s
Smart Import Export add-on, the company has updated its EE add-on users’ recommendations. It now supports third-party SEO add-ons like smart SEO, SEEO and SEO Lite. Compatible with EE4, EE5, and EE6, it also supports Field-types like Low variables, Low events, Structure, Transcribe, Polls, Maps, and Wygwam.


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Consider innovation-driven growth imperative, know how to translate your technology and business insights into compelling value propositions, and create a balanced portfolio that shows your risk tolerance to increase the pace at which you are growing. Strategic decision making and investing in the right digital tools, techniques, and solutions will distinguish you from the rest. Talking about embracing modern tools, in the context of streamlining your website, our off the shelf plugins, add-ons, and extensions can add more life to it. Be it improving its performance, making it more user friendly, simplifying the payment process, managing content, or obtaining marketing perks – we have a variety of products to meet your needs. All you need to do is place your confidence in them.



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