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At ZealousWeb, our well-trained, tech-savvy, and experienced WordPress developers keep on upgrading our existing plugins and developing new ones so that you can save your time and efforts while building and maintaining your website. With nearly 60.8% market share in the Content Management Software market, WordPress has evolved massively over the years, setting new standards for conveniently developing flexible and intuitive websites. We assume that WordPress will be your first choice if you are planning to build a new website. Hence our team pulls out all the stops to add more features to our existing plugins and develop new ones so that you can have a high-performing website in place.

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ZealousWeb’s EE developers invest a considerable amount of time in training and development to take their expertise to the next level. Since one of our biggest focuses is to offer products that elevate your website, our team invariably scans our existing EE add-ons to find the scope of improvement and upgrades them accordingly. Besides, we keep on launching new add-ons from time to time. There is little doubt that a fast and attractive website remains the most critical tool for businesses to talk about their products and services and engage with their customers in today’s digital age.  And we fight tooth and nail to help you make it better by offering add-ons that enhance its functionality.

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Despite the pandemic causing enormous damage to the global economy, eCommerce has flourished worldwide, making it one of the few industries to experience tremendous growth during the crisis. Therefore, if the idea of establishing an eCommerce business has been crossing your mind, perhaps it’s time to take concrete steps in this direction. However, if you are already from this industry but your Magento eCommerce website fails to attract online shoppers, you certainly need to revitalize it. Since it remains the most prominent platform for engaging with your customers and selling your products, you can use our add-ons to revamp it.

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‘Smart Members Subscription PRO

ZealousWeb Rolls Out ‘Smart Members Subscription PRO’


Once again, we at ZealousWeb have good news for ExpressionEngine users. Yes, you heard that right!  We have unveiled the latest version of our ‘Smart Members Subscription Pro’ an ExpressionEngine add-on that promotes member subscription with PayPal payment integration. The upgraded version of this add-on is compatible with EE6 and is currently available at a discounted price of $135.00.

Smart Channel Forms


ZealousWeb Launches Smart Channel Forms Add-On!


In a recent development, ZealousWeb Technologies rolled out an ExpressionEngine add-on called the Smart Channel Forms. Compatible with EE5, EE6, this add-on guarantees the fast creation of numerous forms, including contact forms. It puts an end to the need for writing HTML code for generating channel forms. It supports all the native channel fields and some third-party fields.


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As the vaccination drives are underway globally, we are hopeful that we will no longer find ourselves in dire straits in the future. However, it doesn’t mean that you should put the strategy created to battle the choppy waters on the back burner.  With so many nations predicted to face the third wave of the pandemic, the danger hasn’t gone; it’s looming in space. A faceless killer, Covid-19, becomes active suddenly for a few months and then slows down for a while. And this pattern prevails in every country, irrespective of its location on the map. However, those companies that are busy enhancing their processes, ramping up their efforts to find new clients, improving the quality of their offerings, and integrating digital technologies will surely position their business for success irrespective of the situation. Therefore, if you don’t want to be in the red, you must invest in digital solutions that provide more bang for the buck. You have to test the waters to figure out whether it works or not. On that note, we wish you a happy and prosperous month ahead!




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