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The best and the brightest minds at ZealousWeb see a seismic shift in how modern customers behave. We know that digital adoption triggered by the current crises has taken giant strides at organizational levels, pushing customers radically towards online platforms. We believe that as a business, you have to be capable of responding to this surge, so we pulled up our socks and fueled our product engineering efforts to serve you with products that fulfill the changing requirements of your business. Our developers have been building exceptional WordPress plugins to answer the dynamic demands of your website. We are constantly adding more and more digital products in our portfolio, so that you can turn them to your advantage to make your website more functional.

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ZealousWeb has a lot to offer you to keep you from trailing behind if you are an ExpressionEngine user. Talk about building credibility or earning it; our products will help you do both by enabling you to position your business for success. Our competent team of EE developers has been regularly launching unique add-ons to take your CMS’s functionality to the next level. Whether you want to add more features or fields and template tags, we have got you covered. Our store has tons of user-friendly add-ons that are easy to install and are compatible with different EE versions.

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The pandemic has impelled organizations beyond the technology tipping point, revolutionizing business permanently. And the responses to the disaster have expedited the enactment of digital technologies. Although this scenario is favorable for eCommerce businesses, you have to guard yourself against the rampant and ferocious competition because the change you witness is here for a long haul. So if you have a Magento 2 eCommerce website, but you are incapable of dealing with market requirements, we are here to rescue you. You can make your site better and faster with our extensions.

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Our New Arrivals!


ZealousWeb Unveils ZealPush Notification


ZealousWeb has recently launched ZealPush Notification – a powerful plugin for boosting Craft CMS capabilities. It allows website owners to configure desktop notifications and expose them to website visitors for keeping them informed about the latest developments or announcements. As a site owner, you can also incorporate an image with the notification.


Boost Customer Interactions With  ZealousWeb’s Order on WhatsApp


ZealousWeb’s ‘Order on WhatsApp‘ plugin for Craft CMS makes it possible for online shoppers to connect directly to eCommerce store owners through WhatsApp – in case they want to communicate something significant before making a purchase. Store owners have to install the plugin on their website to set the communications in motion.



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Some of you might be trying your level best to get the show on the road but could be finding it hard to buckle down due to the uncertainty looming on the horizon. As a progressive IT agency, we would like to assure you that our team is here to serve you. If the crisis is rocking the boat, you can bank on us to break the mold. Whatever it may be you are looking for, if it falls into our area of expertise, our team will be happy to wade into it to resolve your technology concerns. While you will be busy charting your own course, we will be delighted to assist you with digital solutions and strategies that can drive more value to your business. No matter how badly the current situation is smashing the global economy, if you seek the right solutions, you will not only save yourself from bearing the brunt of the crisis but will make great strides!




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