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We at ZealousWeb know that WordPress as a platform has witnessed a sea change in its growth and development in the last 18 years. The most popular and trustworthy website building tool, WordPress powers over 41% of the websites globally and has excelled 40 releases. Talk about the best and most prominent companies in the world or startups and bloggers; they prefer WordPress over other website building tools. Since we understand that most people prefer this CMS over other alternatives, our developers keep their nose to the grindstone to develop advanced plugins that have massive potential to strengthen the functionalities of WordPress websites.

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ZealousWeb is home to some of the best EE developers who understand and acknowledge your business requirements instantaneously.  Our team keeps an eye on what businesses need to thrive, and works hard in that direction. It pulls out all the stops to build products that refine your ExpressionEngine website to help you gain ground in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. One of our biggest objectives is to keep you from stagnating and retrogressing. Our developers build add-ons that facilitate user engagements, revamp functionality, strengthen communication, simplify payment processes, and speed up your website. In a nutshell, nothing moves us more than when our products help you streamline your EE site.

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In today’s contactless world wherein in-person communications have kind of become a thing of the past, eCommerce stores are mushrooming rapidly. However, to make headway, your Magento website must provide a seamless user experience apart from offering the kind of products your customers are looking forward to buying. In other words, to get ahead, your site must be capable of grabbing the attention of users and navigating them to different parts in order to help them find what they are looking for. Besides, the pages must load quickly and the information offered has to be relevant. In short, we know that it must be high-performing to reduce the bounce rate, so we have built some of the most incredible Magento extensions for you.

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Our New Arrivals!

‘Smart Members Subscription PRO

ZealousWeb Rolls Out ‘Smart Members Subscription PRO’


In a recent development, ZealousWeb rolled out ‘Smart Members Subscription PRO’ an ExpressionEngine add-on for improving the functionality of your EE website further. This latest add-on promotes a user-friendly environment and is compatible with EE4, EE5. Designed for encouraging the member subscription with PayPal payment integration, it’s a reliable add-on for simplifying the payment process.


‘Call For Price’ Extension For Magento!

ZealousWeb Launches ‘Call For Price’ Extension For Magento!


ZealousWeb has good news for all those Magento store owners looking forward to implementing unique ways of engaging with their potential customers. Recently, the company unveiled an exceptional Magento extension called  ‘Call For Price’ to encourage users to contact store owners directly to clarify pricing-related doubts. Compatible with CE 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x, you can use it to replace the ‘Add to Cart’ button with the ‘Call for Price’ button.

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We know very well that the pandemic has propelled businesses beyond the technology tipping point, thereby bringing in a fundamental change in the way they operate. And we are also aware that you are no exception to the rule. Therefore, considering that the response to the current situation is facilitating the integration of digital technologies, we sincerely believe that you should also gird your loins to tackle these challenging times by banking on cutting-edge digital solutions. From amping up the customer satisfaction quotient, promoting brand awareness, building credibility, and generating more leads to boosting the bottom line, relying on inventive digital solutions can help you achieve everything you want. Of course, the current situation is proving promising for online businesses; you still have to shield your business against brutal competition. We believe that the radical changes that you are observing are here to stay for a long time, so you have to be capable of dealing with the ebbs and flows of the market. With that in mind, we would like to assure you that we are here to meet all your digital business needs.


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