With a fresh and easy to use interface, Chinook Landscaping is free and manageable landscape material calculation app. The app can calculate the material required for any landscapes or gardening projects. Users can browse through similar work projects and view the trees, and shrubs photos and descriptions.  The app allows the users to select from different landscapes, choose the material type from the available option, and enter the area to get the precise result. The app also gives an option to request a landscape estimate quote by filling a quote form. 

We’ve helped them for:

  • App Consulting
  • Designing the app
  • Brand Identity Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Mobile App Development


  • Option to select landscape to calculate the material.
  • Option to enter the area details and get an appropriate calculation of the material required for the gardening project.
  • Option to view the sample work details.
  • Option to request a landscape estimate if the users want more specific data. 
  • Simple and easy to use user interface.

Technical Specifications:

  • Front-end: Objective C, AutoResizing masking
  • Back-end: PHP

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