ZealousWeb being prominent in the field of web development has been serving its clients efficiently and consistently the best services. It has got a highly experienced and efficient team of developers who develop the best and superior quality products for the clients. The Magento team of developers have developed some of the most advanced Magento extensions which you can use with your eCommerce portals are described as below.


With the increased use of mobile, many technologies and apps have emerged one of which is WhatsApp. Today if we want to share any news, then WhatsApp is the best medium for doing so. Even we can share our social media information or anything through WhatsApp. With the use of this app, the world has become a smaller place and you can contact almost anyone on this.

We come up with WhatsApp Your Products extension on our site that allows you to promote and brand your shop. If this extension is enabled on your site, it can get a tremendous traffic to your site through it.


It is very important to retrieve data at a faster speed when products and their categories and sub-categories are involved and they keep on increasing.

Our team of Magento has developed this extension called Bulk Product Category Modifier that allows you to add, remove, edit and assign products categories and sub-categories in your products store. This extension works with a single click and so, it allows the Admin to easily add, assign, remove and edit the products and their categories and sub-categories.


Nowadays, the trend of online business has increased and so does the traffic of clients across the world too. This has bought into emergence the use of different languages on the site so as to facilitate the clients with their own languages to browse through the site. This has created the problem of increased work load over the developers to manage different languages through their programming and so does the Admin too face the same problems of management.

To solve the above-mentioned problems, the Magento team of ZealousWeb has come up with the extension called Google Translator API. This API allows the easy editing of the language according to the client requirement by the Admin. It allows the easy translation of the product store so that the client doesn’t face any difficulty with the language.


Normally, customers inquire about the products they want to purchase to assure that they get the same product that they ordered. These inquiries are handled by the Admin at the backend and he answers the inquiries which the customer can see or get in his My Account. Now, all this is made easy and done with the help of Product Inquiry Extension in Magento. It allows the Admin to approve the questions of the customers which he answers can be seen by all the visitors as well as the relevant customer in his My Account page.


This extension is useful to display the products that are viewed the most by the visitors. This will increase the demand and sale of the products that are viewed the most. Moreover, it also gives the customers an idea of what products are in demand and sold the most. If you view a product and on the basis of that if you view the second product then that second product will be displayed in the “Customer Who Viewed This Item Viewed Plus”.


Often it happens that customers search for the products on an eCommerce site and they want quick results for the same. Most of the times it happens that the customers do not know the correct spellings of the products and they enter half phrase of the product which will not give the accurate results. Now, the “Advance Search With Autocomplete Suggestion” allows you to instantly get the relevant results of the search. So, if you enter a keyword, it will generate the relevant results of the entered keyword.


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