Take a glimpse at the history

Well, folks it’s 2013 and we still feel as if we are in the midst of the digital revolution. Several tasks that had to be performed manually in the earlier days and it used to take a big amount of time to get accomplished, have finally undergone a radical change and now they can be accomplished very quickly, perhaps in no time.

It is rare to find a person who has left untouched with the huge digital transformation in the discussion. Marketing too was impacted by it considerably! Just prefix the word ‘online’ against ‘marketing’, and it will open a whole new world of opportunities for your business.

A few years before, it was only the search engine page ranking of a company website that matter. For example, if your web pages have most relevant terms that search engine spiders could easily reveal and index, and have ample backlinks and content, there are fair chances of your web page securing the top place in the search results.

The SEO professionals started leveraging the benefits of these flaws in Google search engine algorithm deliberately to help their client secure top most ranking in search results, which in turn help them boost sales. And this practice of SEO professionals enforced Google team to introduce some significant changes in its search engine algorithm.

No, this wasn’t the end of opportunities for websites that are left far behind in the search results. At least, not till the moment I am drafting this piece of content! Google had already introduced to some advertising models till then. And this is when PPC, an acronym of Pay-Per-Click, model comes on the scene.

It is one of the most popular online advertising models introduced so far. Wondering what is this model all about?

PPC Advertising Model

Well, in this model, you, as an advertiser, can put your business advertisement with a backlink to your website on a host’s website, and whenever someone clicks on your ad, you need to finally pay based on the total number of clicks. Often the advertiser and host website determine a fix amount per click in addition to the timeframe of the advertisement.

A successful PPC campaign can help you get more attention from users and more profits. And perhaps this is the reason, more and more people started investing in PPC campaign and bidding on their website related keywords. Eventually, the bidding cost get increased significantly and only those who can actually afford the increased rate could appear on the search page.

Another big transformation to the online marketing world came when ad blockers came into existence. These are typically web browser add-ons that can block any possible advertisement existing on the web page. And it was a great relief for web users, as they could stay away from annoying content that has no relevance with them.

Things became worse when Google announced that ‘Paid Clicks’ will no more contribute to organic search results. simply put, one needs to continue beating other advertisers in the bidding in order to secure higher traffic to their site. But directing users to your web page doesn’t guarantee sales though!

In the light of the discussion, PPC campaign can be extremely beneficial for a web based business if executed properly. So, what are you waiting for? hire a good SEO company or an expert SEO professional who can help you develop a marketing strategy that guarantees fecund consequences.