The business arena’s major transformation was when they decided to create an online presence. That was one of the major shifts in the curve that lead to a much-evolved version of the world. Today, every business wants to have an online slot to represent the products and services of their company. The most popular CMS that firms prefer is WordPress, and it captures over 30% of the website on the internet. Through this blog, we’ll look at the benefits of PSD to WP for your WordPress Projects.

There Are 3 Steps To Create A WordPress Website

  1. Creating a Layout (You can create in Photoshop, Sketch, XD, etc.)
  2. Convert the layout into HTML, and
  3. Development

And for the above three steps, we need three resources

  • A graphic designer – They will create a layout for any website
  • HTML developer- They will convert the layout into an HTML format
  • WordPress developer – They will make that HTML dynamic.

Note: If the WordPress developer has a basic knowledge of HTML structure, CSS, and jQuery then we do not need an HTML developer to create the HTML of the layout. We can directly convert it from PSD to WordPress. Let’s look at the benefits of converting a layout form PSD to WP.

How PSD To WP Is Beneficial For The WordPress Project?

  • Time-saving
  • Cost-effective development
  • Utilization of default tools and functionality of WordPress
  • Less dependency on other resources like HTML developer
  • Fewer bugs
  • Resource utilization

1. Time-Saving

Let’s assume that to complete a website a creative designer takes 30 hours to create a layout, an HTML developer takes 50 hours to create an HTML with animation effects, sliders, and some HTML effects. And in the third step, WordPress developer will take 40 hours to complete the development of the website.

It means that we spend 120 hours completing any website in WordPress.

But, if we create a website directly from the PSD to WordPress, without HTML creation, then it will complete around 30 hours to create a layout and 60 hours to complete the WordPress development.

It means that from PSD to WP development, we spent a total of 90 hours and we saved 30 hours.

Note: When we say without HTML creation, it does not mean that we don’t have convert to HTML in PSD to WP development. It means that from PSD to WP development, the WordPress developer uses HTML tags in development format.

2. Cost-Effective Development

If we develop our website direct from PSD to WP, then it will save our time, and logically time-saving saves our Money too!

3. Utilization Of Default Tools And Functionality Of WordPress

Without an HTML creation, we can develop a website with the help of default tools and WordPress functions.

How Can We Utilize Of Default Tools And Functionality Of WordPress

  • It provides full HTML, so it does not take a long time to develop.
  • There are some predefined layouts, and we can use it.
  • No need to create HTML for some functionality like slider, because some plugins are available and can use those plugins.
  • No need to create HTML for Navigation because Navigation functionality is also there in WordPress.
  • No need to create HTML for blogging, because blog design and functionality are also there in WordPress.
  • No need to create an HTML for any social sharing or social feeds because so many plugins are there in WordPress.
  • WordPress Provides Responsive CSS too, and it uses the Bootstrap framework.

4. Less Dependency On Other Resources Like HTML Developer

Normally, any WordPress website completes with the help of three resources like Creative designer, HTML developer, and WordPress developer. But, if we develop a website directly from the PSD to WP, then only two resources: creative designer and WP developer will complete the website.

And it is logically true that if we use fewer resources for website development, the dependency between resources will be less.

5. Fewer Bugs

When we develop a website directly from PSD to WP, then WordPress developers can complete the website without the help of the HTML developer.

We have heard of the idiom – Too many cooks spoil the broth, similarly, if too many developers work on a website, then the chances of bugs increases. When only one developer is responsible for developing the website, he is the sole person responsible for HTML and CSS.

6. Resource Utilization

If we develop our website directly from PSD to WP, then we do not need an HTML developer, and in that case, we can use that HTML developer for another task.


If you are thinking of developing your website to boost your business, then after discussing all the above points, you must choose PSD to WordPress Conversion Company.

PSD to WP Development is a time-saving and Cost-effective development for you, and it will boost your business.

As per my experience, it is advisable to hire a developer that can help you with your PSD to WordPress conversion needs. And it shouldn’t be challenging for you to find developers in that genre since WP is the most prominent CMS. We just discussed the reasons and factors why you should choose PSD to WP. So, for a successful project, choose PSD to WP due to its versatility and efficiency.