Business Intelligence And Data Analytics

What are business intelligence and data analytics?

Business intelligence involves the effective use of tools, techniques, and well-planned strategies to study and analyze the data of the operational processes of various businesses. This offers businesses to strategize future planning and in turn, make informed decisions. Business intelligence solutions aim to offer a competitive advantage over the other in the industry by carefully studying the data to identify new strategic business opportunities. Based on the previously collected data, enterprise business intelligence manipulates the data to devise operational strategies in an organization that forms the cornerstone of business intelligence solutions.

Data analytics employees predictive analysis techniques using various modeling algorithms to sanitize the raw data into a structured format. Automated processes are implemented with the help of suitable algorithms into a comprehensible form of data from which business process insights can be drawn. Various data analytics techniques like descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive techniques play a major role in sorting a raw chunk of data to draw parallels between various business processes in an organization.

How are they useful?

Business intelligence services transform manipulated data into actionable form. Necessary actions are taken on the predictive metrics and remain up to date with the current market trends of businesses that invariably reduces the risks involved in the business. Any potential challenges in the organization are addressed well in advance to ensure the performance and success ration of various operational processes of an organization remains intact and improves exponentially with essential business intelligence tools.

In addition to optimizing the performance of an organization, business intelligence and analytics contribute to the return on investment as organizations can leverage the insights drawn from churning the data to target bespoke customer requisites and escalate business growth. Effective and efficient decision making for various inter and intra business processes helps to chart a productive roadmap for an organization to achieve its goals. Various market segments are identified by our business intelligence specialists ane innovative marketing techniques are devised to garner more business.

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Our business intelligence services aim to offer insights into the data collected from sources like CRM systems, ERP systems and many more. We help clients to make the bespoke reporting system to take relevant actions that will benefit every stakeholder involved in a business. We assist the client with various key performance indicators(KPIs) like customer metrics evaluation, evaluation of monthly revenue, marketing metrics, and orders evaluation among many others using business intelligence tools. Our business intelligence developers curate dashboard solutions for the web as well as for mobile to allow clients the flexibility of using mobile BI tools.

Our business intelligence specialists work on dashboards and help to create reports for effective data visualization. The chunk of data is extracted from various data sources to be analyzed through online analytical processing (OLAP) and presented in an understandable manner. These include in the form of charts, graphs that depict the trends and patterns to gain valuable insights. Various KPI metrics of an organization are represented in statistical dashboards that summarise the propositions derived from processing a large chunk of data. Our business intelligence strategy is to represent the critical insights deriving from the number of intensive data into informative visualization charts. This makes it easy for any key stakeholders in an organization to make informed decisions pertaining to a multitude of operations.

Business Intelligence Tools For Custom Solution

Data Sources

ERP modules
Customer Relationship Management
Warehouse Management System
Google Analytics Data
Data from public APIs
Website logs
Sensors, Controllers
Customer Surveys
Time tracking system
Global Positioning System
Social Media
Customer Mobile Apps
Questionnaires, Market Research
Сall Centers Records
Official Stats

Our Business Intelligence Services

BI Consulting & Strategy Planning

Our business intelligence specialist helps to strategically plan the future course of actionable items based on the findings of the data. Our team identifies the data of operations that can be processed, draw a business intelligence roadmap out of the insights and summary developed from the processed data, and in the longer run help to add revenue to the organization.

BI Development, Modification & Integration

Our business intelligence developers modify the chunk of data that can be used for faster reporting and accurate planning. We integrate findings from the data to the performance dashboards that make it easy to summarize business operations. These analytical representations are depicted in the form of statistical charts, making it easy for any stakeholder to decipher the charts and take necessary action.

BI Data segmentation for Market Research

Through carefully studying the customer purchasing behavior & pattern, our team adopts various advanced predictive analytics techniques to segment the customers into various strata so that the organizations can target specific sets of customers based on their bespoke requirement. This adds to the ROI of a business and fosters an organization to make more accurate decisions producing and assured output.

Data Warehouse Services

As one of the top business intelligence consulting firms, our team is well versed to draw a logical data model, automate the key business processes by extracting, transferring & loading the data, we then sanitize the data and check for its correctness. Our data analytics process ensures to use a smart business intelligence framework and an effective data integration architecture to efficiently manage the data warehouses of various businesses.

Customized BI Solutions

Owing to the complex nature of businesses across various industry verticals, our team understands bespoke business requisites of organizations and suggest them the best possible business intelligence dashboards and analytics to streamline the processes of an organization. Our team efficiently designs the business intelligence reporting tools that are specific to each organization to increase the revenue of an organization.

Marketing and Sales Analysis

With the real-time business intelligence solutions, we offer insights to the latest marketing and sales trends that help organizations to adopt effective marketing techniques that help to generate more sales and appeal to the target market. The predictive analysis of the market trends help to reach out to the customer segment with the bespoke requirements.

Ecommerce Analysis

Our business intelligence e-commerce analysis extracts the data from multiple departments of an e-commerce store like data pertaining to the sales, marketing, customer service, purchasing statistics of products, online presence and many more help to determine the potential business opportunity in each department of an organization to overcome any potential bottlenecks. Our team ensures an effective transformation of the raw unstructured data to a decipherable form and bridges the gap between businesses and its customers.

Customer Analysis & Decision Forecasting

With the constructive use of the business intelligence tools, our team helps businesses to study the customer buying pattern and thought process to help them serve better by targeting their exact needs. Analysing the customer thought process, our business intelligence specialists adopt modelling techniques to forecast various purchasing trends and help businesses to make accurate decisions that increase the rate of lead conversion.

Brand Trends and Strategy Analysis

The predictive analysis techniques adopted in various business intelligence solutions help to forecast the brand trends of a business. The data of various strategies involved in the business is analysed for its efficiency and effectiveness. Based on the data analysed, our business intelligence specialists help businesses improve brand strategies to improve the revenue of businesses.

Budget Analysis

Budgeting is very crucial to any business and our team is in a constant surge to aid the businesses in efficiently planning the budget by extracting data and using business intelligence dashboards to depict and summarize the budget of previous years in comparison to to the current year. The business intelligence comparison analytics points to the budget allocation to various departments of an organization and suggest changes of up-scaling or down-scaling the budget allocation to various business operations.

Business performance & Risk Optimization

The business intelligence and analytics are adopted to evaluate the performance of businesses and tweak the strategies based on the findings of the processed data. Our business intelligence solutions help to manage the incidents and occurrences to help mitigate risks and eliminate the possibility of future gridlocks in an organization. Continuously implementing real-time business intelligence techniques on various operational processes helps in risk management and its optimization for an improved ROI of an organization.

Location-Based Reporting

Our wide range of business intelligence services include gathering and extracting region-specific business information, processing the data through various modelling techniques and algorithms to study the customer consumption patterns, product selling trends and other business scenarios to draw useful information pertaining to specific regions and modify the business strategies accordingly.

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