Do you want to attract more customers? Do you wish to retain the existing patients? Well, doctors also need to do marketing! Yes, each and every business and profession needs to do so. Most of the professional services prefer offline marketing. Offline marketing comprises banners in public places, radio ads and testimonials in newspapers, promotion of events on television, and similar others. Pretty much all are aware of how it works, what sort of cost it attracts, and what benefits it can bring. But, is this enough on today’s date? Simple, NO. There is a dire need for digital marketing services for healthcare too. 

However, when it comes to healthcare digital marketing, it is inexpensive and an effective way of marketing compared to traditional methods. Top of it, by curating buyer persona and applying marketing funnels, you can reach your target audience and engage with them. Well, every industry has its unique style of how they operate. Accordingly, healthcare digital marketers have to shape their marketing strategy and visualize funnels as per customer journey stages. If it sounds too technical to you for your clinical promotion, let’s deep dive into marketing funnels for the healthcare industry and RACE Framework. RACE stands for reach, act, convert and engage.

How hospitals, clinics, and independent practitioners can use the RACE healthcare digital marketing framework?

Healthcare Digital Marketing
Healthcare Digital Marketing


Your patients


  • Build an eusy-to-navigate and mobile-first website
  • Publish Informative Blog that Covers helth tips and send them via emails
  • Promote health videos that inspire and educate target patient group
  • Have strong SEO Website attributes that pleases search engines
  • Create an engaging social media strategy that boosts followers


Interact with them

Landing Page Optimization

  • Check google analytics and draw insights
  • Improve on bounce rates based on those insights
  • A/B test leading copy for content, design and CTA
  • Use chatbot on the website and landing page; not everyone fill up the inquiry form.


Serve them with your consultation

Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Showcase FAQ related to their health concerns
  • Heighlight treatment benifites on your landing page
  • Display related patient’s treatments success stories
  • Heighlight happy patients testimonisls
  • Offer free consultation
  • Use retargeting ads for the patients who left the website without tacking any action


Retaiin them and be in constant touch

Content Marketing | Email Marketing Social CRM

  • Do not just stop after stop treating your patient
  • Ask them to share feedback via Google and Facebook reviews
  • Evaluate online feedback and improve upon grey areas if any
  • Respond to every comment, be it positive and constructive
  • Send them regular (and relevant ) newsletters
  • Regularly and proactively monitor your active presence on SERPs and social media platform on SERPs and social media platforms

Closing Thoughts

In all, a strategic plan results in desired results. Ensure that whatever strategy you may go for to promote your practice – measure, test, and optimize your strategy based on the actual results. Healthcare digital marketing is, after all, not a one time job. It’s an ongoing journey if you are on your way to your clinic’s digital transformation, and check out our digital marketing packages

With healthcare digital marketing solutions, you can drive quality leads to your brand. Effective digital marketing for healthcare can increase the chances of becoming visible on the top page of Google and other search engines.