When it comes to Search Engine Optimization and Covid-19, one has got a big decision to make. It leads to a dilemma, whether you should continue investing in Search Engine Optimization and online digital marketing or pause for a while and pull back a little bit. Let’s discuss through a process and scenarios so that one can make this decision correctly on their own. Ask some questions to yourself, and focus on some options before taking any decision.

Brainstorming On SEO During COVID-19

Step 1 – Revisit Long Term Vision

First thing you need to think about the long-term vision for your industry. Do you think that your industry is going to grow over the next six months, twelve months, year or two? Do you think that your industry is going to shrink? One of the main things you need to consider is what long-term planning looks like? What do you think Quarter-3 and Quarter-4 of 2020 are going to look like after Covid-19 gets a little bit more under control?

Step 2 – Analyze Behavior Of Target Audience

Now you need to think about your audience or customer. Do you think your customers are going to be online more in the future? Are they going to use the internet and search engines more in the future? As they’ve spent much time online and after they’ve gotten used to it more! And do you think that this change in events, in general, is going to have more people using the Internet? That’s something important to consider.

Step 3 – Consider The Importance Of Digital Marketing For Your Business

Here, do you think that the importance of digital marketing is going to grow? As more people are coming online, as more people are glued to their phones, we’re seeing the most amount of people online right now across the world. Make sure that you note that the importance of digital marketing is going to grow as a way to acquire customers.

Step 4 – Compute ROI On SEO Efforts

Next is, do you think investing more in search engine optimization now is going to pay dividends for you in the future? That’s a very important thing to consider, as during this time when search engine optimization is something that you can consider pulling back from staying the same or investing more in. Do you think if you invest more now that’s going to put you ahead of your competition in the future?

Step 5 – Check Competitors Activities

Now let’s see, where are you in the market and does this allow you to finally overtake your competition? Think about what’s going through your competition’s mind right now. Well, it’s the same thing that’s going through your mind right now. Should you be pulling back, keeping it the same, or expanding? Now we’re in a fearful state a lot of people are, so if that’s the case are they thinking about pulling back and if they are pulling back, does this give you a chance at an opportunity to finally overtake them?

Step 6 – Finally, Time To Make A Decision

Next, is digital marketing one of the main things that you can control right now? A lot is going on, a lot of different things happening out there in the world but is digital marketing one of the main things you can control?

Let’s take an example of a businessman, Mr. B, what’s going through his mind. Well, right now Mr. B is personally looking at this as an opportunity to set up the best SEO strategy in this crisis. Mr. B is taking benefit of the existing situation so that he can build and gain traction and gain momentum. Consequently, after two three quarters, his business will dominate the market and when people resume routine life, they would come back to Mr. B, perhaps towards the late end of 2020. So if that’s the case it’s a very important time to position yourself correctly. Hence, let’s walk through a quick exercise of what maybe this would look like for you if you did a couple of different options over the year.

Option 1 – Pull Back SEO Efforts

It’s almost the end of Quarter-1, let’s say that you do option one and you decide to pull back on your search engine optimization. What all little achievements you may have to date will wipe out over the next six months to a year. Your website traffic, your rankings, and all of the conversions that are coming in from SEO are going to decline. And, you would probably experience a drop somewhere in the range of 30% to 40% of the traffic and impressions.

Pull back SEO efforts

Option 2 – Keep Up SEO Activities, But Limited

Let’s say that you keep a smaller or baseline program in place. Here, what’s going to happen in that situation? Probably, you will be able to maintain your position and even if you experience a drop it would not be more than approx 10%.

Keep up SEO activities, but limited

Option 3 – Invest More Time And Resources To Strengthen SEO

Well, say that you start investing more at this time. You’re going to see that curbed well up into the right and then as we hit Q3 and Q4 of 2020, you’re going to be positioned above your competition. it will help you to capitalize on the surge of new traffic, more visitors, and better conversions.

Invest more time and resources to strengthen SEO

Over To You – What Is Your Take On SEO In Covid-19

It is highly recommended that you think about these things and consider your long-term vision for your industry and your business. Isn’t keeping up with SEO activities will allow you to overtake your competitors? Is this one of the main things that you can control? Think about it. We sincerely hope everyone is doing very well with Covid-19 and staying safe.