There was a time when social media was merely one or two platforms but now it is a vast world with different countries fighting and approving themselves for a better consumer experience. To that, every platform is adding some features to keep up the trend and for more audience.

Here are some of the recent updates these platforms are bringing up for a betterment experience.

Fun With Fleets

Fleet is such a cool word Twitter introduced us in November 2020. Fleets are nothing but the same story feature which started by Snapchat and all the social media platforms have their own identity for the feature. Basically, Twitter stories = Fleets.

Remember how we love using stickers in our IG stories, well how can Twitter be left behind in the race? Now every user of Twitter who loves to put up fleets can have fun with them by putting on some cool stickers. So why wait to head to your Twitter account and use some cool, classy, fun stickers, and if you learn this cool feature from us do not forget to tag us in your fleets.

If you own a business it’s a great way to be creative and make your Fleets stand out in the crowd.

Twitter Support


IG Remix

Year 2017, duets were a thing, and then became TikTok, and duets on TikTok was a way for famous creators to invite their audience to duet with them and for the beginners to get in the eyes of famous creators.

Year 2020, TikTok was banned in India, and around the same time Instagram introduced Reels, it was a very smart move to convert a great TikTok audience into Instagram.

Year2021, Remix was introduced by Instagram which is nothing but a duet feature by TikTok. So, if you are a wannabe creator we can’t see any reason for you not to use this feature. Create a remix with your favorite creator and ROCK ON!

Owner of a small business or a big brand this feature can help you in reaching out to the right audience by either remixing their content or reacting to their content.

IG Reels


LinkedIn Gender Pronouns

We are the most excited about this feature and we can’t wait to tell you why. We are in 2021 and respecting everyone regardless of their gender identity and when it comes to the pronouns it is not he/ she anymore. We came a long way from that, a female can have different pronouns than just being she/ her and so is for a male. In such a situation, what would you call them without knowing their pronouns?

Hence, LinkedIn introduced pronouns. Now, every user can freely mention their preferred pronouns in profile and the employee/ employer both will know how to introduce their team with the right pronouns. The feature already rolled out in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Canada, and Sweden.

LinkedIn Gender Pronounce


Creator Mode In LinkedIn

Social Media is not just a way of killing time, people have realized the big future and started using it accordingly. Instagram has a different feature for a creator from insights to running ads. Similarly, this update by LinkedIn allows you to use your LinkedIn profile as creators and every creator can use their live sessions as their cover video. Isn’t it cool?


Can we please take a moment and appreciate YouTube without ads? Ahh! Good old days. From no ads to 2 unskippable ads YouTube changed a lot in past years. And IGTV is a sort of Instagram’s youtube, from movie trailers to series all are getting published in IGTV and getting immense love from the users as well.

If you are a creator we have good news for you, now you can monetize your IGTV content just like your youtube videos. So there will be ads in between your IGTV videos to make you earn more from your content. Last year, Instagram started testing IGTV Ads to some US-based creators. Now, IGTV Ads will be rolled out to more creators in the UK and Australia — with plans to expand further by the end of the year.

This will help businesses to grow as far as youtube can help them. Same content on two different platforms and a great way of reaching a bigger number of people.

IG Story Collage Feature For Android Users

iOS has this feature in the Photos app that any image/ video can be copied directly from the app and later can be posted to Instagram’s stories but this is not the same for Android users. Android users have to download a third-party application to make a collage for Instagram’s stories. We are so glad that finally Instagram has realized this gap and introduced a new button in the stickers tab and voila!

This feature is available for testing with beta users and we are eagerly waiting for this to go worldwide.

IG Story Collage


Some Random Cool Updates For You

  • Did you know that Facebook has launched messenger for kids? Yes, you read that right Messenger Kids for the kids below the age of 13 and now Facebook is also planning to launch Instagram for kids under the age of 13. We believe it will be called Kidsagram.
  • We all have seen people posting their photos of taking vaccines in our Whatsapp status and Instagram stories and for the generation who wants to keep everyone updated Instagram has put the sticker for vaccine check in the stickers tab.

Cool Updates


  • From giving likes to a Facebook update to react to Instagram’s dm reaction tab is the new like button and how can Twitter not join this new trend? Twitter is also planning to get a reaction feature for tweets.
  • Talking about TikTok’s duets and Instagram’s remixes, Snapchat is also planning to launch something similar but we are not sure about the name. Let’s wait together and find out.
  • We all see creators using tweet screenshots to their Instagram posts, and Twitter is testing a similar feature, where tweets from a public account can be shared in Instagram stories and are movable and adjustable like a sticker, with iOS.

Tweet on Instagram


End Note

This is not it, there is a lot more coming in the social media world and there is so much to unveil. Keeping yourself updated with the latest is the only mantra you need to know. Social media is all fun and using it in the right way will boost your business like nothing else. 

Keeping up with the social media trends can be a little too much work sometimes, so as and when they roll out the updates, keep an eye on them by following their official accounts or legit hashtags, and you will get those updates right in your inbox!

Hope this added some value to your knowledge. Use these amazing features in your social media updates and have fun!