Why upgrade to the latest version of ExpressionEngine 6

Most of the ExpressionEngine websites are running on versions EE4/5 or lower which needs upgrading. The older version needs to be upgraded as and when the hosting environment updates the php version because it will eventually deprecate the functions. Upgrading to the latest version of ExpressionEngine 6 comes with numerous benefits, like a new and more customizable control panel, support for newer versions of PHP, requires fewer add-ons, one-click updates, fluid fields, security updates, and unprecedented reliability.

How can ZealousWeb help you upgrade to the latest ExpressionEngine 6 version?

As an official ExpressionEngine partner, and having upgraded many ExpressionEngine sites, so far we’ve developed a skill and tool set that is next to none. When EE sites have the lower version of EE2 then we must first upgrade to EE2’s latest version (2.11.9), then we have to move to EE3, and then finally to later versions.

Benefits of upgrading to the latest version – EE6

Control Panel

Apart from usual bug fixing of earlier versions, EE6 comes with a modernized control panel that is also easier to use, more intuitive, and faster than earlier.

Customized Entry Listing Screen

All stakeholders i.e. editors, designers, content writers, and everyone else can quickly access the information they need and enjoy using the CMS’ customized entry listing screen.

Multiple Member Roles

The member system has been rewritten to a role based system wherein users will now be able assign members to multiple roles allowing for better content management and user based permissions.

Jump Menu

Jump menu has eased the job of searching! It offers the benefits of easy navigation with quick access entries, fuzzy matching logic, and much more.

Seamless Design

Better navigation and responsiveness is another boon offered by EE6. Also, one can quickly insert commonly used SQL snippets into the query form

Color Picker Field

With EE6, there is no need to have an extra addon. This new color picker field allows a user to pick any color, set pre-defined swatches a user can pick from and auto select contrast color

We also help you out with the following EE upgrade services:

Upgrade to EE3

EE3, one of the major updates, was a complete rewrite from EE2 so file structure changed quite a bit. We upgrade your older version to EE3, ensuring your website has EE3 compatible plugins. The EE3 upgrade process requires a lot more changes in code to adhere to the new EE3 standards.

Upgrade to EE4

EE4/5 uses the same file structure as EE3. Most addons that are compatible with EE3 also function with EE4/5. The main job is to follow the instructions in the docs to carry out a manual update from 3 to 4. However,  EE 4’s one-click updater makes it easier to stay on the latest version of ExpressionEngine.

Upgrade to EE5

EE5 has brought so many new features. Upgrading EE2 > EE5 can be quite a task, the main hurdle is replacing 3rd party addons.  We not only upgrade the ExpressionEngine website in EE5 for you but also upgrade ExpressionEngine Add-ons.

Upgrade to EE6

ExpressionEngine 6 from the start has been all about elevating the user experience and redesigned control panel. Here, with Jump Menu, the search is easier than ever. Now, it is quite possible to upgrade directly from older versions of ExpressionEngine to 6.

Why choose ZealousWeb to upgrade your ExpressionEngine?

At ZealousWeb, our expert ExpressionEngine developers help you make the transition from ExpressionEngine 2, 3 & 4 to ExpressionEngine 5 and 6 as easy as possible! Our step by step process of upgrading to EE is as follows:

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