Since it’s FOSS (Free and Open Source) announcement, Expression Engine has been climbing the ladder towards becoming a prominent Content Management System (CMS). For all the tech geeks out there, this could be their chance to experiment with this CMS while creating newer things within it.

Add-ons are software components, created as a result of experimentation with the existing programs. In ExpressionEngine, they are created to enable customization. There may be alternatives to several add-ons, but there are a few that cannot be replaced.

Following are 10, widely used, add-ons:

Smart Export PRO

Smart Export PRO is an enhanced and user-friendly version of the Smart Export module. It is a powerful tool that allows you to export channel data into CSV and/or XML formats, without writing any queries. You can also export data of default and third party field types.

In this enhanced version, you can set export to either private or public access. In private mode, users (except back-end and super admin) will not be able to access entires.

We are introducing AJAX-based export in the PRO version. Now you can export thousands of data with a single click. If your memory limits run-outs, just set ajax based export by some limit of entries per ajax call.


Low Search

Low search is a search add-on that allows a quick and relevant search within a website. It uses several parameters to filter the data on the website and gives a robust search result to the website visitor. It uses keywords to search for the data instead of raw entry data, and this makes it quicker than the others. It supports category, distance, ranges, and relationship search.


Smart Members Pro

Smart Members Pro solves your member-related log-in problems. It enables you to import or export members, single log-in facility (Username and password for each user), and more than 20 social media log-in integration methods. Also, one can create personalized Custom fields with Multi select, Radio buttons, Select Dropdown, and File fields.


Channel Images

Channel Images simplifies the usage of images within ExpressionEngine entries by eliminating the “one-after-the-other” process. It can handle multiple image uploads, including image manipulation. It allows you to resize, crop, rotate, etc., on your uploaded images, to meet your template needs. In addition, this simple user interface allows the user to perform robust operations on the images like reorder, delete, upload, resize, and selection of cover image for the particular entry.



WYGWAM is the most powerful and popular add-on of ExpressionEngine. Compatible with EE2, EE3, EE4, and EE5, it offers vibrant variations in the text. Its WYSIGWIG editor is based on CKEditor 4 which allows user interface customization of the editor.



Transcribe solves your multilingual website-based troubles. In this dynamic world, it helps create websites in various languages and handles channel entries with URL routing.



Carthrob is a flexible E-commerce for ExpressionEngine that simplifies placement and accumulation of orders. It allows the user to sell products, software, donations, articles, tangible and intangible goods. It also accepts credit-cards in real-time, securely, and with confidence. It focuses on developer extensibility and it provides advanced APIs for custom taxes, shipping, and payment gateways.



Structure provides a tree-view sitemap of the templates/templates_groups which can be edited directly. It allows you to create pages, manage content, and generate navigation. It manages templates with smartness.


Smart SEO

Smart SEO enables the user to add unlimited SEO fields as per the requirement and solves issues related to common SEO tasks. This plugin helps in binding the SEO data in the channel entry and category, edit the robot.txt file, and fetch the data of its previous version. It also gives the benefits of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager without worrying about writing codes for them. The user can also link SEO data with custom fields of categories and channels. Simple tag code allows the user to set SEO data dynamically.



‘Forms’ allows you to create simple and/or complex forms with pre-defined field lists. It also allows the user to reuse the form in templates.


ExpressionEngine is a fairly new yet equally potent CMS that includes a plethora of add-ons within it. The community is still evaluating the software and is striving to create better customizations. ZealousWeb is a loyal member of this community and has created various add-ons within it. We believe in the power of digital transformation and walk with our customers in their transformation journey, from conception to fruition.