Rather than jumping straight to the advantages of contributing to the WordPress community, it’s imperative for us to caste some light on what exactly is WordPress and how it has evolved over the years. So here we go.

What Is WordPress?

Initially, when WordPress first came into the picture, people used it for blogging; however, with time, it evolved into a CMS. Considering that it offers high performance and exceptional security, and is also user friendly, anyone can use this software. WordPress powers over 35% of websites in the world; from small personal blogs to the big sites of major corporations. And the best part of using it is that you can install it in just five minutes. Therefore, whether you want to share your success story or want to focus on your products and services, look no further than WordPress.

What Is The WordPress Community?

Accountable for organizing frequent meetups and WordCamps around the world, the WordPress community is a group of designers, programmers, and marketers, etc., from across the globe. If you are providing support and services in WordPress, you should join the WordPress Community to get solutions and support for any technical issue and can also contribute toward the community.

You can also create your WordPress community, but it is a very tough job to build a community website; it takes a lot of planning and hard work.

The WordPress community firmly supports the idea of making publishing easy for the users and encourages people to experience the freedom that this open-source software provides. The effective collaboration and contribution of the WordPress community play an indispensable role in the growth and development of WordPress. The WordPress community’s door always remains open for all those who believe in community power. As a contributor, your passion speeds up the growth of this open-source software, which helps WordPress developer reach their goals successfully.

Benefits Of WordPress Community

  • You will find tons of professional developers available in the community. You can go to a WordCamp as well as a meetup, and you can ask questions to all these people to clarify your doubts.
  • The community organizes WordPress meetups around the world, free of cost.
  • Being a part of the WordPress community makes it possible for people to increase their network like anything.
  • WordPress is full of motivation. You can see other people, other companies doing marvelous things with WordPress, and that excites you to do more with your website.
  • Another advantage of the WordPress Community is that it’s packed with resources. You can use numerous services, tools, and websites to seek information about WordPress. You can find more trustworthy professional organizations; you can take the assistance of their resources such as designers, copywriters, and developers to finish your work on time. It means if you undertake a massive project, and you need more competent resources to accomplish it, you can find them easily.
  • In the WordPress community, you can quickly get support. It means if you are stuck in your WordPress project, then members of the WordPress Community can give full technical support without any charges. You can directly connect with a core team member using the slack channel.
  • Communities that have active and engaged members may contain conversations regarding the community topic or brand. There is no need to perform any specific analysis; you can obtain different insights by observing and listening to the community.
  • We grow a lot if we interact with other people. However, we do not always have the time to communicate with them as much as we would like to. Therefore, online communities help bridge that gap by allowing users to interact in short bursts of time wherever they may happen to be.

How To Contribute To The WordPress Community Team?

There are several options for getting connected with the WordPress Global Community Team. Given below are some of them.

1) One of the most excellent ways to do so is by organizing meetups or WordCamps in your city. If you feel like you can represent WordPress, then observe the code of conduct for WordPress events and support the five good-faith rules for WordPress meetup organizers, then you can apply to participate in the program:

  • Inspect if there is a WordPress Meetup group in your city – if there is, you can join it, attend the events, and step up by either encouraging the organizers or becoming an organizer yourself!
  • Inspect if there is a WordCamp in your area – if it is, you can visit it, apply as a speaker, volunteer, sponsor, or you can help organize your local WordCamp!
  • If at present there is no WordPress Meetup group (or if there is an inactive group) in your town/city and you want to start one, you can apply here – you’ll get a response within a couple of weeks.

2) If you already have experience organizing a successful WordCamp and have an availability of 2-3 hours a month, you can practice becoming a WordCamp mentor here. You’ll get a response within a couple of weeks.

3) You can apply for the position of a Community Deputy if you have at least one year of experience as a Meetup organizer or you have been a WordCamp lead organizer. You should also be familiar with the WordPress Open Source project and philosophy and must be available for 2-3 hours a week for contributing, and should also accept the community’s Code of Conduct. The Global Community Team is a group of community-minded people around the world who study WordCamp and Meetup applications, interview lead organizers, and keep things running at WordCamp. You can apply to join the Global Community Team as a deputy here. You’ll get a response within a couple of weeks.

Note: if you have any additional inquiries, follow the #community-events channel of Make WordPress Slack. You will surely get that much-needed help from it.