With the popularity of internet technology, the term ‘search engine’ has also become tremendously popular among the people across the world. But before I talk about search engines for mobile apps, let me throw some light on the concept of the term ‘search engine.

A search engine can be defined as a computer program, which is optimized to identify or search relevant information and documents over the internet. In other words, users connected with the internet, users search engines to find the most relevant information he/she is looking for within seconds. Development and adoption of search engines are one of the greatest innovations mankind has ever experienced.

Some of the most popular search engines which are used by a wide range of people all over the globe include Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bidoo and Bing etc., and they have made human life extremely simple in terms of providing people with all sort of information required by them.

Significance Of Mobile Apps And Mobile App Search Engines

Considering the fact that internet technology can now be availed on cell phones, people are now moving rapidly towards mobile apps when it comes to fulfilling their requirements related to, entertainment (such as games and movies), shopping, reading, booking a flight ticket, learning to cook, and fitness etc. Though there are thousands of apps available for performing these activities, most of the people have no idea about them and to fill that gap mobile app search engines have come into the picture.

Mobile search engine apps are used for identifying and installing right apps which can be used by people on their cell phones.

So here is our list of top search engines for mobile apps, which can help you find the app of your choice.

1. AppCrawler

With the support of AppCrawler, mobile users can sort apps according to their popularity, relevance and downloads etc. In this way, users end up finding the right apps which can be used on phones.

2. AppStoreHQ

If we talk about AppStoreHQ it has a lot of advantages for users, as it provides them with highly accurate search results. It has an enormous potential when it comes to accessing twitter and using important iPhone blogs in terms of providing the users with what they want. That means it obtains right and precise information from a variety of authentic sources in order to serve the users with best possible results.

3. AppsZoom

With the assistance of AppZoom users can search the apps according to different categories and on the basis of their usability. For example, you can search apps for music, entertainment and shopping etc. In addition to that, you can also share the information on your favorite apps by becoming a member of the community with the support of Apps Feeds feature.

4. AppsPicker

AppsPicker is a search engine for iTune App store. Instead of browsing millions of Apps, you can check apps by specific categories like free apps, paid apps, free games and other terms. You will get a list of some best apps that can be installed on your iPhone or iPad. A special section dedicated to apps that highlight free and apps available for sale now. You can browse the apps according to their rating, price range and device you use (iPhone, iPad).

5. AppShopper

With more than 1.6 million apps, AppShopper is considered as the app directory for iOS wherein you can easily figure out the highly advanced 200 apps through Top Chart list. It’s a really crucial application for iPhone users and they must try it.

6. AppApp

AppApp is a search engine for iTunes App Store. You can factor in the rating range of applications, price ranges, option to regulate in-app purchases or not, the device you use (iPhone, iPad, etc). You can also browse by category, such as: top free apps, top paid apps, top free games and other terms.

7. Fnd

Fnd allows you to experience iTunes and App Store anywhere from on your . You can search not only apps but also music, TV shows, books, Mac apps and podcasts. Want to find a specific search result? Just go to the charts page then filter the search as you want including top free, new and free, new and paid.

8. Appolicious

Appolicious is a simple application to search for the best application based on the keywords you entered, filters and sorting that can be set. The “Today’s Picks” filter helps you see which applications are pulling in Hits on this day.

9. IMore Edditor’s Choice App

iMore Editors’ Choice app gallery contains the best applications selected and reviewed by the editors over time. Select the category or name of the editor to display the best apps.

10. Apptisam

Apptism is a tool to search for more than 1 million applications for iOS devices. You can filter based on category, price, ratings, and the best apps of each category.

11. App Annie

App Annie provides market data and app analytics that are useful for app developers. The top chart shows all leading iOS, Android and Windows apps. You can sort the results by category, country and price. The keyword rank feature lets you find all matching applications for all platforms. Moreover, there is a top matrix section that shows trending apps in the country.

12. Getjar

Getjar is an independent mobile phone app store with around 1 million apps. The website features big and bold interface, displaying top and new applications on the front page. You can search through categories (like games, social networking, education, finance, health, music, adult, travel, etc.) or enter the keywords in the search box.

13. Fiiser

Fiiser is an app that lets you search over 2 million apps. It breaks the platform limitation and provides all apps in the world. You don’t need to download and install apps, just try them online immediately through Fiiser. Any device can open the app such as smartphone, tablets and desktop, providing millions of free app trials.

14. Mobile 9

Mobile9 gives you free apps, games, themes, ringtones, wallpapers and more for iOS, Android and Windows phone. First, you need to enter the name of your smartphone and it will show all downloadable items (apps, icons, wallpapers, ringtones, fonts, games etc.) that support your device.

15. Vionza

Vionza is quick and easy-to-use web-based tool apps for iPhone, iPad and iMac. The interface seems quite old, but the features and functionalities are equally good. You can dig deeper into the app world and filter the search results according to device type, price range and rating.

Closing Thoughts

If you want to identify and install the right apps for your Android and iOS cell phones, you need to know these search engines for mobile apps.