WordPress and ExpressionEngine are different in many ways, but the most important difference is that ExpressionEngine allows developers and designers to build custom content sites very easily. IT provides features for publishing any information in any layout without imposing its ideas about how content should be organized.

ExpressionEngine is not only crucial in developing stunning and informative websites but is also very important for businesses in developing SEO-friendly content and designs. Because of its high-end features, this content management system is trusted by a large number of web professionals across the globe. Developers love to work with ExpressionEngine because of its dynamic plug-in architecture and highly constructive application platform. It won’t be wrong to say that this content management system empowers developers to perform their task according to their requirements.

In addition to that, ExpressionEngine never suffered from any sort of serious security breach. It means that it cannot be hacked easily. However, if you want to ensure that your site never gets hacked, you should make use of a service called Pingdom, to keep an eye out for monitoring the server continuously.

All types of content related to the web site like blogs, articles, press releases, pages accommodating company information, and photo galleries etc., are managed by developers through content management systems.

What Reasons ExpressionEngine can be chosen over other CMS?


ExpressionEngine is one of those CMS which give us the power of any changes according to your requirement of the website.

There are lots of powerful add ons available that help you to enhance and customize your website’s performance.

ExpressionEngine’s admin section has a clean interface that is easily customizable based on customer or client’s needs. It does not only provide its users creative flexibility but also uses a CMS that is highly customizable metamorphosing website management into just a simple task!

ZealousWeb offers impressive Expression Engine customization services to the number of clients based on the requirements of their websites. Our dedicated web professionals can help you in ExpressionEngine customization.

We also developed lot’s of addons for customization of your website and you can purchase it from here


Free And Open-source Software

We have always been a big fan of ExpressionEngine, and although we have dozens of clients who’ve chosen EE over free open-source CMS applications such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, the cost of EE’s commercial CMS has always made it a little more difficult to negotiate an EE implementation but now after many years as a proprietary CMS, ExpressionEngine was released under an open-source license in November 2018


Now everyone can download and create a site based on one of the most sophisticated content management systems in the world.

Manage Multiple Sites From A Single Installation

This is a great feature of ExpressionEngine and in this feature, you can create and manage multiple “websites” from a single ExpressionEngine installation. These websites can use your existing domain, sub-domains, new domain, or a combination of the above.

Each site has its own set of preferences, templates, layouts, and channels and we can leverage one ExpressionEngine installation across multiple web properties.

Extensive Security Features

Unlike other CMS, developers are working with ExpressionEngine, they do not have to evaluate the add-ons constantly to maintain and ensure security. It is a security feature, such as secure forms processing, captcha, and session management, ensuring well-rounded security.

As a developer, if you want to blacklist some URLs, IP addresses or user agents, such liberty is provided by its Blacklist/Whitelist Module. It also comes with built-in spam deterrents to keep the website secure and spam-free.

ExpressionEngine is based upon a robust PHP framework. So it is less penetrable by hackers compared to other CMS.

Features Flexibility

ExpressionEngine is vastly more flexible than any other content management system and ExpressionEngine’s flexibility allows us to publish a variety of content types and designs to our web site and other internal systems. Also, users can control and access to manage, update, and approve content change is a great benefit.

It is a fully flexible CMS platform because you can customize your website every step of the way, instead work within a pre-made template as WordPress does. In ExpressionEngine, you can add as many post types as you want without needing to do any coding or installing a third-party add-on.

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look to Choose ExpressionEngine Over Other CMS platforms. There are a ton of CMS’s to choose from, but these continue to be the most popular. With its easy to customization, security, flexibility, and multiple sites manage from a single installation, it’s easy to choose ExpressionEngine to compare to other CMS.