As we rely on more and more on internet-connected devices, IoT and smart home technology are slowly becoming a part of our daily lives. According to the survey, the global market size will reach USD 144.00 billion by 2025.

We have developed a smart home application and integrated all the smart home devices into a single app. So based on our experience, we will attempt to explain the concept of smart homes, how it impacts our daily lives, and what are the best smart home devices that are available in the market. So without further ado, let’s start.

What Is A Smart Home?

A smart home is where appliances or devices can be controlled remotely through the internet using a smartphone or any other network-connected devices. You can access them even if you are away from your home. Moreover, it is easier to manage. For example, the lights in your home are turned on and off when the sun goes up and down, or the lights get switched on automatically when you arrive at home. So a smart home makes your life easier. We can control door locks, bulbs, music systems, air conditioners, or any other smart home appliances.

Impact Of IoT And Smart Home On Our Lives

IoT and smart home automation are changing the way we interact with the world. In the context of IoT, the most common thing that gets talked about is a smart home. Imagine you are away from your home, and still, you can control your air conditioners, bulbs, music systems, and door locks. All these work together to create a better home or may save energy in the process.

If we talk about the health care sector, then in the olden days the doctors used to treat the patient in person. However, things are changing now, for example, using a smartwatch we can measure blood pressure and heartbeat without a doctor. According to a survey, the use of global remote patient monitoring is expected to reach over 50 million by 2021. Similarly in transportation, we can track a vehicle. Apart from that, if you talk about a smart home, you can open a door lock using just your mobile phone, and there’s no need to open it manually. Similarly, it will be helpful in many other sectors like agriculture, weather forecasting, food systems, etc.

The List Of Smart Home Devices That You Can Integrate

  • Smart Door Locks
  • Smart Bulbs
  • Thermostats
  • Music Systems

Smart Door Locks

A smart lock is a lock designed to perform locking operations on the door when receiving instructions from an authorized device or server using a wireless protocol. There are a lot of options available in the market when it comes to a smart lock, compared to other IoT devices. We’ve done a lot of research to choose the best amongst the industry.

We have integrated a door lock from the company called SALTO. It is one of the best smart lock manufacturing company located in Spain. They provide varieties of models including cylindrical and non-cylindrical locks. Also, all the models support WiFi and Bluetooth lock opening. You can choose according to your needs.

In addition to this, I would like to give you information about two more companies called August and Yale. These companies are doing great in the market, and their products are very reliable. August locks are very sleeker, and they provide several features like monitor door activity, works with Alexa, google home & Apple Home Kit, and comes with door sense. It can detect when your door is open or closed in addition to whether or not the deadbolt is locked. If you want a keypad lock, then definitely you should go for Yale locks.

Smart Bulbs

A smart bulb is a WiFi-enabled LED light having additional features to enable remote control, customization & automation. Philips smart bulbs are very bright. They have a lot of features. The only disadvantage is that they require a hub.


A thermostat is a device that regulates temperature or that activates a device when it reaches a certain point. They are used in any device or system that heats or cools to a setpoint temperature, air conditioners, HVAC, water heaters, as well as kitchen equipment, including ovens and refrigerators.

We have integrated the Nest thermostat. Nest and Google Home have merged as Google Nest. The thermostat from Ecobee is also quite good. It is a Canadian company that makes thermostats for residential and commercial use.

Music Systems

The music system is connected to the wifi, and it can be controlled using smartphones or any network connected devices. You can play/pause songs from anywhere in the world, and I think a smart speaker is a perfect solution for a whole-house audio system.

We’ve integrated a Sonos smart speaker. It is a USA based company, and they develop and manufacture smart speakers. Philips smart speakers are also in the race, but their API solution is not more developer-friendly.

Wrap Up

We hope that the above information will help you in some way. All the above smart home devices come with their application and APIs. With that said, if you are a homeowner or a developer, you can use their pre-built applications & REST APIs.

You can always contact ZealousWeb if you have any doubts regarding smart home devices or if you have any issues while developing smart home applications. We will be delighted to assist you in all possible ways.