The COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth the importance of E-Commerce stores for stocking up on essentials. Already established E-commerce stores would have experienced a sudden boom in their daily traffic when compared to their normal day of sales. To look at it rationally, any business idea about the arena of E-commerce and IT, at large, would be a smart way of tackling the economic adversities that have arisen as a consequence of COVID-19.

Since we’re all crunching numbers to foresee situations and achieve financial stability, the cost has to be an essential feature in the E-Commerce website.

Prestashop is an open-source E-Commerce solution that allows you to create your online store and grow your business multifold. Its features such as rich functionality, low-maintenance, and cost-free solutions, entice developers to create E-commerce websites via this platform. When you hire a PrestaShop developer, their expertise can help you with multi-store development at multiple locations, add 1000+ products hassle-free, and play host to multiple customers at once without facing any downtime.

Not convinced yet?

Here are a few reasons to choose PrestaShop for your eCommerce business:

PrestaShop Is Easy To Use

PrestaShop is easy to work with and has a user-friendly interface to lure in users effortlessly. When you hire a PrestaShop developer you’re unlocking a whole world of potential eCommerce development that can work wonders for your business. And given that eCommerce is a rapidly growing arena, PrestaShop is the prefect, easy to use choice! PrestaShop is easily available for download at its official website and Github. With their wide selection of modules, you can easily manage all sections of your site.

If you know about the simple concepts of web hosting, then you can simply download and upload it to your server after which, the PrestaShop installer will help you with the installation process.

During the installation process, you will be asked for basic details of the store, personal details, and database details. Instead of the manual PrestaShop installation, you can opt for a pre-hosted PrestaShop plan offered by different hosting providers.

Pocket- Friendly And Other Benefits Of PrestaShop


PrestaShop has zero cost for the first installation and it installs all the essential features to run your store initially. So, as a part of PrestaShop development services, if you wish to extend the functionality of your store to grow your business, then you have to purchase the add-ons as per your requirement and business strategy. PrestaShop has an add-on marketplace that holds a lot of modules according to your business strategy.

You can visit the marketplace and choose the best addons for your store. Comparatively, the cost of the add-ons is lesser than or equal to other E-Commerce add-ons.


PrestaShop is an open-source, efficient, and innovative E-Commerce solution with all the features that you need to create an online store.

Due to its Open-source orientation, we do not have to purchase a license.
Its Result-oriented feature allows the users to interact via a good user interface that helps increase online sales.

It is easy to install and download, and it can run at low internet speed that provides the users with the ultimate UX while shopping on your e-store.

The best feature of PrestaShop is Extensibility and integrity. PrestaShop allows you to extend the functionality without any changes in its core files. A lot of payment method integrations are available free of cost. Any change in your site can be made by creating a module. This module will work as a separate piece of code that can be Enable and Disable at any time.

Exemplary Customization

First of all, you must follow the PrestaShop documentation for any type of customization. You can customize your site in two ways:

  • Via the Backend
  • Via the front-end

Generally, most of the customizations are done via front-end. Basic customizations like changing the texts, changing the position of blocks, product customization, etc., it can be done through the back office. PrestaShop is based on Hooks, and these hooks hold your site’s content. By changing the position of hooks, you can manage the content positions on your site.

For any static page content, you can create a CMS page like contact us, about us page, or any other custom page that has static content.

Apart from this, if your customization needs a module installation, then PrestaShop provides the best user interface for the installation of a module.

On the backend, most of the customization is done with products. PrestaShop has an efficient user interface for product customization. It provides Export/Import option for Categories, Products, Combinations, Customers, Addresses, Brands, Suppliers,
Alias and Store contacts.

You just have to create the CSV file for above imports in a proper format, provided by PrestaShop, and upload it. PrestaShop will take the information from the CSV file and will do the import process.

In-Built Performance Effective Tools

For any website, we spent a lot of time and money to improve SEO and Friendly URLs. For speed optimization, we work on Media Servers to achieve a cookieless domain for content delivery, Cache Management, CCC(Combine, Compress and Cache), Minify (HTML, CSS, and JS codes) and Apache optimization.

PrestaShop comes with these functionalities by default. During product customization, it will ask data for Meta Title, Meta Description, and Friendly Url that is very helpful in SEO.


SEO is the most important thing for any E-Commerce business. PrestaShop makes it very easy to develop SEO-friendly URLs. If you have basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, PrestaShop allows you to easily change Title tags, Meta Title, Meta Description, and other SEO-related attributes. It helps you to keep your online store up to date with your target audience.

Make Your Business International

To interact with customers internationally, we must work on the on-site language and its translation. We understand that a prospective customer stays on your website for a long time only when they get to read the website in their language.

PrestaShop supports more than 75 languages worldwide and can change site translation. It also allows you to download language packs for different countries to look after the needs of your target audience.

Analysis And Statistics To Improve Business Strategy

Analysis and Statistics play an important role in ascertaining the profitability of any business. It is with their help that we can analyze the fluctuations in our business, profit, and loss, etc. They also provide the necessary data that is required to keep the business moving forward and keep it above break-even. Sometimes, they play an important role in stock management and supply. With the help of the results that we have obtained, we can decide the priority of the products that need to be brought to the store.

Prestashop helps in keeping track of the visitors on our website and their point of conversion; this kind of data helps us to device discounts and schemes for better sales and engagement. It comes with a very useful dashboard that includes more than 20 status report formats that can help decide a business growth strategy. Other addons for analysis and statistics are also available in its marketplace, for free.

Large Community

PrestaShop has one of the largest and most active E-Commerce communities in the world. It’s very easy to connect with the PrestaShop community; you can directly talk to the community to get e-commerce-related tips and tricks, and the answers to your questions regarding your store. Not only in programming issues, but it also supports in your backend and storefront settings, customization, theming, etc.

Recently PrestaShop welcomed 1000000+ members in its community, which shows the world-wide popularity of PrestaShop.

PrestaShop Platform Improving Consistently

PrestaShop has been changing itself in the changing times and keeping with the upcoming E-Commerce features. If we look at its journey, it has evolved a lot and keeps releasing new updates to help store owners get the most of their online business. And this is why it gives strength to stay in the E-Commerce world.

PrestaShop has paid special attention to its addon marketplace; you will find an addon for every single service. Initially, in a common E-Commerce website, the features that are required are available free here. If you want a custom addon, they make the addon at good prices and also provide free support for some time.


We just saw how PrestaShop meets our needs in a very effective way and how its simplified usage is a boon for PrestaShop developers across the globe. Its maintenance and prices are much cheaper than other platforms, and its performance effective tool allows even a non-technical person to work with it and customize it. But in case you’re looking for custom solutions for your eCommerce website, you can always hire PrestaShop developers to help you grow and create a beautiful website that is hassle-free and pocket-friendly.

PrestaShop is a multilingual and multi-currency software which allows the users to launch their site internationally. The makers are constantly improving the platform for better performance, and what better than a large community that extends its support in all kinds of PrestaShop development services.