“Spending 30 minutes to understand services of firm,
The video takes only 30 seconds to visualize the same.”

There is a lot of speculation about the value of videos in a brand’s digital marketing strategy. When I worked at one particular British fashion brand, about nine years ago, half of the marketing budget was invested in video, and the result was not very desirable. The reason behind the not-so-desirable result was the amount of engagement with videos per person. YouTube was the predominant video platform, and the audience hailed from a younger generation.

As 2018 descended, the course of video-based marketing took a turn right into triumph boulevard. The emergence of smart-phones and access to a lot of information right at our finger-tips helps butter us right into the video marketing influence, giving the marketeers something to look up to. It finally feels like video marketing is having its moment and can boast important benefits to industry and brands. I feel homely incorporating videos into the digital marketing strategies that we suggest to small-scale businesses and start-ups. Video is no longer just for big-budget global brands or TV ads – Yippee! Read on to discover the benefits of combining video into your digital marketing strategy.

“Be fun and creative”

1. It Gets More Traffic

Live video will grab for 17% of traffic. (Obrelo)

Believe it or not, videos grab for a simple fraction of all internet traffic.

Consumers are 64-85% more likely to buy a product/company that has video creation.

  • What Does That Mean For Your Business?

To break it down in simpler terms, video production is the in-thing at the moment, and if your business isn’t utilizing this potential then you’re behind in the race already.

Read the stat like this: if you have a video on your website, it means you are 75% more possible to get traffic. More traffic means more sales. That’s worth the investment.

2. It Will Be Shared More

81% of business experts watch promotional videos on a regular basis for the product and services they are involved in. (HubSpot)

You can say bye-bye to getting shares if you aren’t including images with your online content. A video is 7x more likely to get shared than a link on Facebook. Think about your loved commercial and why you create your friends and watch it. People want to share a message that brings up an emotional response in them, hoping that it will inspire others also. What does this mean for a company? It boils- down to getting their brand out there. It’s a lot more likely to occur when there’s a video.

3. It Can Gain SEO Rankings

Over 80% of all traffic will belong to video. (Cisco)

Commute corporate video production means you turn up in search engines more than an organization that doesn’t. Google is the go-to hub for online research. When they presented “Worldwide Search” back in 2007, it meant videos started to rank in search results. People no longer had to work to find out a video touch to their request. Make sure your customers are fit to find you — and get ahead of your rival— while having a video on your website.

4. It Creates Brand Awareness

Everyone can vouch for the statement that videos can make powerful and emotional responses. Whether it’s happiness, laughter, shock, or any other emotion, videos can stir an emotional response.

Engage your target client by raising powerful emotions with corporate video production. Your message will have an unforgettable, stronger impression than if you just let them read words. And making a powerful unforgettable impression is vital to brand awareness.

5. It Changes “Maybe” Into “Yes”

The objective of any branding is to convert clients.

Video does this powerfully.

In fact, according to a case study, if you have a video on your landing page you’re 80% more likely to change traffic to clients. The simple strategy of having a video produced for your company and putting it on your site’s landing page can most double your client attraction. The message is clear — let corporate video production gain clients for you.

6. It Has Great Return On Investment

81 % of businesses are now utilizing video for marketing. (HubSpot)

Positive things deserve a share in your company’s valuable budget. Corporate video production is doing the same.

Asking how much video production costs is relevant if you don’t believe what it will get you in return.

Needless to say, videos have a very promising ROI in comparison to any other form of marketing, at this juncture. The majority of businesses will tell you that corporate video production has a great return on investment. Besides, so many businesses wouldn’t be hopping on the style if it wasn’t generating revenue.

7. It Caters To The Mobile World

Each year, the number of videos being watched keeps increasing; this implies that the world has embraced this form of marketing a little too much.

A few years ago, it had a yearly increase of 400%!

As more and more people carry smartphones in their pockets, this means more videos regularly being watched.

Make sure your company has one for them to feast their eyes on.

8. It Explains Things Better

97% of industries claim that videos help customers know products.

Making a corporate video production is a great way to explain your company’s objective to your clients.

You can think of several times you’ve watched a video to know more about a product you were interested in.  Almost everyone can! most of the people admitted to having watched an explainer video.

Videos bring in transparency. It is the perfect platform to express thoughts, sounds, emotions, words, and so much more because of its ability to transmit clear information. It’s a marketing triple threat.

9. It Gives A Chance For Powerful Call To Action

Videos send across a powerful message that stirs up some part of emotions; this increases the chances of the spectators to follow through on a call-to-action.

The powerful emotion and clear message that a video sends can increase the chances of your reader following through on a call to action.

90% of consumers claim a video will help them make a buying selection.
(Social Media Today)

The call to action is buying your product!

You are more liable to inspire your readers and create leads with corporate video production than with less motivational marketing.

10. It’s Productive And Plays!

This point can’t be neglected because it’s part of what makes corporate video production so unique.
There are endless prospects when it comes to conveying your business’s brand.

Is your company trendy? Funny? Sustainable?

Video production has simplified the process of conveying a message to our niche.


Video marketing is gearing up to be a prominent method of marketing due to the changing preference of consumers. The economical, social, and political factors work harmoniously in promoting this lifestyle where consumers attention span is captured via three aspects

  • Promptness
  • Vividity
  • Accuracy

If your video is a concise form of these three aspects, be ready to entertain a large crowd of traffic on your website. Connect with us to find out how a video marketing agency functions, or to promote your brand via videos!